Dead Cat, Run by Annabelle Lewis

Dead Cat, Run

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Dead Cat, Run by Annabelle Lewis was quite a fascinating and unique tale. A mixture of fantasy and suspense sprinkled with a dash of romance, ‘Dead Cat, Run’ entertains from start to finish.


Dead Cat, Run by Annabelle LewisTitle: Dead Cat, Run
Author(s): Annabelle Lewis
Series: Boston Clairvoyants #1
Also in this series: Cut and Run
Published by PePe Press on February 21, 2021
Pages: 358
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, Suspense
Source: Xpresso Book Tours
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
Series Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One Flame

You’re where you’re meant to be. Run if you can.
High school senior Jenny Gallagher’s psychic abilities have made life in her small New England town a rocky one. Her premonitions and déjà vu have given her a reputation, but not one she’s happy with. Tragedy is about to strike again however, and this time she oddly doesn’t see it coming. Is her gift betraying her? Now what’s happening?
Not far from Jenny, Wellesley Professor Maximus Dyer also has a gift. To his thinking, a painful and useless one. Able to see the past, his ability has brought him insight into the field of history, but other than that, he’s never known what to make of it. Overwhelmed by the physic shocks his unprotected hands receive through touch, he’s frustrated that his secrets have made any deeply real, human relationships literally beyond his grasp. But someone new enters his life who doesn’t trigger a vision. A dog?
Sidrah Keeling runs determinedly optimistic through her life trying hard not to ask the big questions. Her foresight, her ability to see glimpses of the future in her dreams, often drive her to follow a path she doesn’t understand, but she listens to them. Recognizing that the guardrails of security she’s erected around her doesn’t mean she’s in control, she reluctantly stays alert, waiting for answers, uncertain if she’ll ever find them.
Lurking deep in his sensory deprivation tank, Turner Black sees it all. Born out of the great chaos of time, he once again feels the forces of good gathering to move against him. Not in this life. This time, his darkness would reign supreme. The hunt for his antithesis would begin again now. He couldn’t wait to feel his opponent in destiny bleed.

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Dead Cat, Run introduces three individuals with psychic abilities and a dog. Sedrah Keeling, a wealthy young woman, who sees the future via her dreams, Max Dyer, a history professor who sees the past via a mere touch and Jenny Gallagher, a college student who sees the near past and future via visions. These three lived separate lives until the day when fate brought them, including the dog, together. Prior to their coming together, evil hovered at their doorsteps, but at the point of their meeting, it came knocking. Now their lives will never be the same. 

The story started out slow and gradually picked up the pace, culminating into an exciting finish. Despite the slow start, I never had a dull moment. The first half of the book provided sufficient background information on the characters. The information allowed me to be completely invested in their lives and I enjoyed getting to know all three individuals. However, the character that intrigued me the most was the dog whom they named Bones.

I am eager to learn more about Bones, who appeared out of the blue, with no apparent history. Nevertheless, one thing was clear, this was no ordinary dog. Bone’s abilities went beyond that of a normal dog. Highly intelligent, observant and loyal. There were other special things about Bones, but I will not mention them. You will have read the book and discover them for yourself.

Overall, Dead Cat, Run was a well-developed and entertaining story of good vs evil. A story, which kept me reading into the wee hours of the morning. Do I regret the loss of sleep? Nah, it was well worth it. Now on to book two.

Readers who enjoy fantasy, suspense with a dash of romance should consider adding Dead Cat, Run to their reading list. 

Story Evaluation
World Building
Writing Style
Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

About Annabelle Lewis

Annabelle Lewis—a pseudonym for the author—lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Regrettably? Perhaps. She still believes she’s a Texan even though the math no longer supports that. Nor her birthplace. Nor her residence. No offense, Minnesota. You’ve got your good points too, but only about six months of the year. In her youth, Annabelle was a complete failure. Ask anyone who knew her. Any of her teachers and family would tell you this. High school graduation was a sad day for all when Annabelle walked proudly off the high school stage, her thoughts consumed with boys, beer, and after-parties, and later into the arms of her parents. Her father’s laughter and singular remark? “I didn’t think you’d make it. Get a job at the post office, they have a good retirement plan.” A high bar and words to live by, but Annabelle wanted more. She needed to flunk out of college too. But damn, she sure did have a good time. Trivial arrest records not-withstanding, it was a growth period for our girl. And if you look closely, you’ll see a bit of what was to come when she majored in criminal justice. Her lifelong aspiration was to become a judge. Hmm. For better or worse, Annabelle didn’t graduate from college but did find gainful employment and a fulfilling career. This path ended when she became a mom. Married to her wonderful George, who to this day can hardly remember an actual proposal, Annabelle finally became a mother. She didn’t have a clue how hard she would need to work to keep those self-imposed requirements of Downey-fresh, iron-pressed sheets, home-baked meals, and mom-of-the-year awards arriving. She composed a small self-affirmation song and made her children sing it to her for money. She was a very good mom. After clearing the largest hurdles of motherhood and regrettably, begrudgingly, and not-without-tears, launching her children onto the world, she looked around and realized she had a lot to say. Picking up a laptop, she got to work. Annabelle spends her days continuing to tackle the challenges of motherhood, for both her humans and canines. She also writes. And reads. And cleans. And cooks. And bakes. And cleans again. She also supports her husband, George, in an administrative capacity for their small business. She’s in charge of payroll and cuts George’s checks. This leads to no marital acrimony. In the beginning, with the blank page staring at her and possibly in a hostile mood after being literally mauled by a dog and by the world in general, she had an idea. What if she could wield a force of good upon unsuspecting evil-doers? What if she had the resources to get the job done without dealing with committee and anyone else’s whiney-ass opinions? It was gold. It took off. Annabelle sat down and began to write and couldn’t stop. To date, having written over a million words in the Carrows Family Chronicles and her second series on the Boston Clairvoyants, several items have become quite clear. Annabelle had a lot to say. Annabelle really enjoys writing. And although she hates all things technology, she begrudgingly pounds her head on her desk daily as obstacles are thrown in her path. Almost a hero. Since entering her world of make-believe, she has rebelled against all intrusion of real-world responsibilities. Her house is a mess, but she tries. Her family is fed, but more often than not, on takeout. She vows to shower every day, but no, it’s a vow she’ll never keep. Her friends are neglected, but not in her heart. Read her mordacious blog! Read her books! Follow her on social platforms! Sign up for her newsletter! These are all good things. What are you waiting for? Jump into bed with Annabelle. She’s having a swell time. You should join her.

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5 responses to “Dead Cat, Run by Annabelle Lewis

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Dead Cat, Run! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Sorry about the lost sleep, but honestly, an author couldn’t ask for a better testament. 😊Bones the dog is a favorite of mine too – but I love all my characters and don’t want to choose. (I’m such a mom!) Happy Holidays! Annabelle Lewis