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Blog Tour: City of Deadly Dreams by Elyse DouglasTitle: City of Deadly Dreams
Author(s): Elyse Douglas
Published by Broadback on May 1, 2021
Pages: 283
Source: Author
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne Flame

Dane Cooper, a New York City private detective, is hired by a Tennessee man to find his handsome, 20-year-old son named Elvis, who has been missing for several months. Though hesitant at first, Dane takes the case because he needs the money. And then he meets Darcy... a troubled, pretty blonde with a talent for caressing secrets.

Dane learns that the case centers around Darcy, and against his better judgment, he falls for her, believing she might lead him to Elvis.

Her dangerous secrets worry him, and he knows he can’t trust her. Dane’s investigation turns deadly when he learns that Elvis has left a trail of pregnant young girls, unhappy husbands, and vengeful women.

Dane becomes a target as he struggles to find Elvis and save him from the killers who are closing in. Can Dane save Elvis and himself, or will Darcy's secrets get them all killed?

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Today is my stop on the blog tour for City of Deadly Dreams. Read an excerpt and view the trailer. If you liked what you have read and watched, then enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the book. 



City of Deadly Dreams
Elyse Douglas
My secretary, Helen and I met at a Wall Street brokerage firm, when she was working as an office manager. I was still a Homicide Detective with the NYPD, investigating the murder of a tall, leggy secretary, who had worked with Helen. We’d hit it off, meaning that she thought I was a smartass with attitude and I thought her a sour, nasty woman who was a wizard at juggling schedules, information and personalities.
Helen’s stubborn mouth suggests a love of argument, and much of that argument is often pointed at me—like a gun. She has lost none of her zest for life or for late middle-age defiance. I simply think of her as a reluctant saint with a serrated edge.
I went to Helen and waited. She sat behind her beloved Dell computer, pounding away at the keys, head held high, perfect posture, as if she were playing a classical piece by somebody whose first and last names elude folk like me.
“Were you ever an Elvis fan, Helen?” I asked.
She stopped typing and looked up, insulted. “Were! What the hell do you mean, were!? I don’t care what anybody says, Elvis will live forever. His music will be around long after Mozart, that crazy deaf guy Beethoven, and some of those other long hairs are forgotten.”
“So you are an Elvis fan?”
“Hell yes!” she said, swelling with pride. She looked up with dreamy, drowsy eyes. “When he sang a song, you thought you’d died and gone to heaven. Nobody can touch him—none of these clowns they call super stars today. They’re all pathetic, croaking amateurs.”
I hated to spoil her mood, but I still hadn’t got that coffee and time was a wastin’.
“Do you share your opinions about Elvis with your grandkids?”
Her self-righteous expression fell into annoyance. “Little brats don’t give a damn—don’t know anything about history and what makes this country great!”
I handed her the photograph of Elvis Lipps. It was a professional black and white headshot, obviously taken for delivery to agents and producers in the acting and music business. He wore a black leather jacket over an open white shirt, showing a smooth chest. His hair was stylishly cut and stiff, but a little curl hung, like an inverted question mark, over his forehead. There was some contradiction in the lean, angular face. It revealed the bold confidence of a young man who expected recognition and success. But his dark eyes held a look of uncertainty and reserve that added a vulnerable charm. The smile was slightly forced and there was a calculated quality to it, as if he hadn’t yet found his own true smile and was copying someone else’s.
“What do you think of that guy?”
Helen took the photograph and glanced at it. Almost immediately, her eyes enlarged. It was the expression of someone who was remembering an old naughty secret.
“This boy is handsome!” she exclaimed.
“Do you think he looks like Elvis?”
She gave me a wonderfully absurd look. Then, cocking her head to one side, she studied it. “Well… you know, I have to say that there is the same kind of energy in the eyes—and the hair’s like Elvis’. And he’s got some of Elvis’ rakish charm and vulnerability.”
“He’s our new client.”
“He’s the kid!?—Abner Lipps’ son?” she asked, with awakened delight.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Whoa! I wouldn’t mind finding him. Put me on the case, I’ll find him in twenty-four hours.”
I took the photograph from her. “It’s a deal.”
“With his looks, he should be easy to find.”
“Mr. Lipps thinks he’s the reincarnation of the Elvis.”
“Bullshit! What kind of nut case is he?” She snatched the photograph back and took another look at it. Her voice softened, her body relaxed, as she slipped under the spell of the alluring image. “He does have that something though… That same something that Elvis had.”


Trailer City of Deadly Dreams by Elyse Douglas

Praise Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas

“Daring Summer by Elyse Douglas is a well-crafted tale that will keep you reading as you need to know the outcome. This story aptly epitomizes the saying by Confucius, ‘’before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves’’. An interesting cast of characters that helped to drive the plot. It was fun getting to know each of them. Their thoughts and the events that drove their actions stood out making it easy to connect to them. Daring Summer was an interesting and riveting read. I enjoyed the courtroom drama and loved how the events in that regard that unfolded. The story delivered a perfect blend of romance and suspense. The story had depth and was well developed.”-Nadene, Totally Addicted To Reading

“Oooo romantic AND suspenseful! A very exciting, emotional, twisty, and a little scary story line. The thing is. You really do know “who done it” kind of right from the beginning. But, even with that knowing – Did I have doubts? yep. Did I want to believe it might be someone else? well… kind of. And I just kept wondering – Are they going to catch him? Wait… wasn’t it him? Maybe. All those twists and turns is what makes this a great book and loads of fun to read. Seriously, right up until the end I was unsure if they were going to be able to prove it! It ended up being one of my favorite books of the year!”-Wall-To-Wall Books

“Daring Summer is a very well written book.  Although you pretty much know how it’s going to end the author still manages to keep you thoroughly captivated. The characters are well developed and interesting. Overall I really enjoyed this book. 5 Stars”- J. George, Amazon: Vine Voice

“Emotional, exciting, sexual, and suspenseful! Exceptional characters that will have you on the edge of your seat and best of all the ending is one that you will never see coming.  A great read any time of the year, just be sure to make time because you will not be able to put this down.”-Dee, Donadee’s Corner


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Giveaway City of Deadly Dreams by Elyse Douglas

This giveaway is for 1 print copy to 2 winners. It is open to the U.S. only and ends on July 1, 2021,midnight pacific time. Entries are accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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About Elyse Douglas

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a master’s degree in English Literature.  She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress, and a speech-language pathologist.  She and her husband, Douglas Pennington, have completed numerous novels including The Other Side of Summer, The Summer Letters, The Christmas Eve Letter, Time Change, The Summer Diary, and The Christmas Diary.

Douglas grew up in a family where music and astrology were second and third languages.  He has worked as a graphic designer, a corporate manager, and an equities trader.  He attended the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years. Elyse and Douglas live in New York City.

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