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Come celebrate the release of A Fast Woman by Laralyn Doran, the first contemporary romance novel in the Driven Women series. Each book has an HEA and features feisty, headstrong heroines and the men who fall for them. You’ll want to devour this enemies to lovers romance. Check it out, order your copy and enter the fabulous giveaway!

A Fast Woman by Laralyn Doran, the first book in the Driven Women series provided an enemies to lovers romance set in the world of race car driving. I love when women can hold their own in a male dominated career, so reading this book was a must.

The story introduces CJ Lomax. Racing is her life, and she is determined to prove her worth in the sport of Stock Car racing and secure a Cup Series contract. However, as the only woman in the sport she faced many obstacles, but she would not go down without a fight. So, when Grady Mcbane was selected as her rival for said contract, it was gloves on.

Grady was once the best Indy Driver, but a public scandal led to him being suspended from the sport.  Racing is his life so when the opportunity came for him to enter the world of stock car racing, he seized it. Nothing and no-one would get in his way of living his dream, not even the beautiful and ballsy CJ Lomax.

Reasons to Grab A Fast Woman
A swoon worthy hero

Gabe was a sweetheart. Yes, he may have a checkered past when it came to women, but with CJ he emitted nothing but sweetness. I loved the way he stepped up to protect her, even if meant sacrificing his career.

A Feisty heroine

CJ was tough, independent and took crap from no one. She readily took down any man or woman who would impede her dream. She had moments when fears and insecurities crept in, which revealed her vulnerabilities.

Secondary Characters
What is a story without secondary characters you would love to hate and those you can’t help but like and hope they would get their own story? A Fast Woman featured such individuals. They included friends, enemies, opportunists and family.

A well-crafted plot

The author made me eager to learn who would come out on top on the track and how it would affect the protagonists and the antagonists.

World building
This was my first time reading a story with race car driving (stock car) being the focal point. It was interesting reading about the industry.  The author didn’t bog down the story with the technicalities surrounding the industry, which made for easy reading.

A swoon worthy Romance

Their chemistry sizzled. They started out as rivals but ended up falling for each other and putting their careers at risk. Sacrifices made revealed the authenticity of the romance.  The slow burn and the culmination had me swooning. Because of the rivalry between the protagonists there were a few angsty and push and pull moment.

A Fast Woman delivered a swoon worthy romance set in the world of fast cars. I enjoyed this story and recommend it to fans of sports romance. 

Story Evaluation
World Building
Writing Style
Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Read an Excerpt

CJ returned with a piece of chocolate pie on her plate but pulled up short when she noted the solemnity of the table and everyone throwing furtive glances toward her.

            “Is there something wrong with my pie?” It was the first time I heard her southern twang.

            I studied her concerned expression before quickly digging my fork into the chocolate pie Andy put in front of me. 

            I wasn’t giving much thought to eating it, just doing it to ease her worry. But when the chocolate sweetness smoothly awakened my taste buds. I fell back in my chair, closed my eyes in bliss and groaned—loudly. “Oh my God…CJ.”

When I settled back down to Earth and focused on CJ, she resembled a virgin at a Magic Mike show. Her cheeks were crimson and her eyes as wide as saucers. The silence was thick among those at the table as their eyes bounced between us.

            Sass tried valiantly to hold it in, but the laugh burst from him. Harper’s followed. Gus covertly studied CJ out of the corner of his eye and then glared at me.

What did I do?
Harper gave me a knowing smile—well, maybe the groan was a bit much.

            “What?” I asked. “This pie is amazing!”

            CJ seemed to have trouble swallowing.

            “You okay over there, CJ?” Harper said. “Gus, you may want to give CJ some breathing room. I think it’s been awhile since she’s heard a man groan her name.”

            If it were possible, I think CJ turned even more red. That was until she picked up the plate of pie as if she were going to throw it at Harper. Gus caught her arm and took the plate.

            “Easy, killer,” Gus whispered. “No need to waste good pie.”

CJ—she actually began to smile. First at Harper, then Gus, and then at me. I was trapped. Her smile was everything. It transformed her and mesmerized me. Her face softened, her eyes brightened, her lips…God, her lips…

CJ’s body began to shake. She was laughing and it was as if the heavens opened.

            It was beautiful.

            I did that—even if it was unintentional. I made her laugh. It was the best rush I’d had in…awhile. It was better than when I opened up the engine and slingshotted through the first banked turn.

I wanted to do it again.

Harper and CJ had the entire table laughing. I joined in.

I felt at home with these people. I just met them yesterday, and already I was at home with them.

In all honesty, some of them would probably hate me by the end of the season—including the captivating, complex woman whose laugh I was fixated on.

But tonight, the cool, spring, lake weather in the dimming evening, surrounded by people who genuinely liked each other and who seemed like family—I wanted to be part of it.



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About Laralyn Doran

Laralyn Doran is a multi-award winning writer of fun, contemporary romance and dark, urban fantasy romance. Her latest manuscript, “A Fast Woman” is an “enemies-to-lovers” racing romance, set to release in the fall of 2020 and will be the first in the “Driven Women” series. In 2019, “A Fast Woman” was awarded The Writer Award, given by the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA). Laralyn is a proud special needs mom, and an autism and dyslexia awareness advocate.  She lives in Maryland and is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, Washington Romance Writers, and other affiliate chapters, where she met some amazing and supportive authors who have had the patience of saints and given her more than one kick in the backside.

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26 responses to “Review: A Fast Woman by Laralyn Doran

  1. Great review! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book where the heroine was a race car driver, so I’m very intrigued! And enemies to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, so I’ll definitely check out this book. Happy reading 🙂

  2. I love that she’s a stock car driver. My neighbor across the street races on the local circuit so I’ve learned a little about it. Fun sounding characters and setting.

  3. Bewitched Reader

    Great review! I love books that have women in a primarily male role, such as a stock care driver.

  4. Katiria Rodriguez

    Amazing review this book looks and sounds like my kind of book that I would so love and enjoy to read so much. I am really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and for putting this book on my radar.