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Title: Phantom Shadows
Author(s):  Dianne Duvall
Series: Immortal Guardians #3
Narrator(s)Kirsten Potter
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Source: Audible Romance Package
Format: Audio Book
Release Date: October 29, 2012
Length :  11 hrs 36 mins
Reading Challenges: 2019 Audio Book Challenge
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Phantom Shadows is the third book in the Immortal Guardian series and it took me on one heck of a ride. Riddled with action, suspense, romance and humour it kept me entertained from start to finish.

Phantom Shadows tells Bastien and Melanie’s story. The author introduced them at the start of the series, but I never envisioned them as a couple. 

Bastien’s integration into the Immortal Guardians group was not a smooth one. When I first met him, he was on a mission to destroy the Immortal Guardians, as he believed they were evil. He lived for two centuries believing he was a vampire. Can you imagine his surprise when he discovered he was just like the beings he hunted?
He may be in the group, but he did not feel like he belonged. The majority of the members did not trust him and wanted to see him dead. Although he did not make it easy for them to trust him, with his abrasive and anti-social behaviour. Thankfully, the head of the group believed he could be redeemed and in the end he showed he deserved to be a member of the Immortal Guardians. 

Bastien’s character was complex; there were many layers to him.  I would not consider him a bad person, but misguided. He had a huge heart and a great capacity to love. 

Dr. Melanie Lipton was an interesting character. She appeared in the previous installments, but she failed to make an impression until now. She saw the good in Bastien from outset. I admired her for her strength, intelligence, and forthrightness. She wanted to be with Bastien and she was not afraid to let him know it. She proved a worthy partner in the way she had his back.

I enjoyed hanging out with the couples from the previous installments. I also had a good time reuniting with the other members of the group. New characters were introduced and old enemies destroyed, which made me wonder what direction the series will take in the upcoming installments.

I loved the romance between Bastien and Melanie. It felt real, and I loved the pace at which it developed. 
The action and suspense had me on the edge of my seat. The fight scenes were intense and riveting. There were some interesting outcomes. The banter between the characters had me laughing out loud quite a few times. 

Once again, Kristen Potter has done an awesome narration. She did a great job with the variety of characters, both male and female. I enjoyed her pacing and tone for each scene. 

Conclusion / Recommendation
Overall, an awesome listen and a great addition to the series. Highly recommend for fans of paranormal romance/urban fantasy



Dr. Melanie Lipton is no stranger to the supernatural. She knows immortals better than they know themselves, right down to their stubborn little genes. So although a handsome rogue immortal seems suspicious to her colleagues, Sebastien Newcombe intrigues Melanie. His history is checkered, his scars are impressive, and his ideas are daring. But it’s not his ideas that have Melanie fighting off surges of desire….

Bastien is used to being the bad guy. In fact, he can’t remember the last time he had an ally he could trust. But Melanie is different – and under her calm, professional exterior he senses a passion beyond anything in his centuries of experience. Giving in to temptation is out of the question – he can’t put her in danger. But she isn’t asking him….

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