Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley

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Selenium Night is the first book in Kharma Kelley’s Shadow Shifters series. This is not my first time reading her work and based on my prior experience I went into this book with high expectations. She did not disappoint.

What the story is about.

In this new series, the reader met Adian Bloodlocke and Dr. Maddie Ardelle.  Abandoned by his pack, Aidan, an Aristan shadowshifter grew up knowing nothing about his lineage. However, that changed when the alpha of the Bloodlocke pack adopted him.  Aidan’s new life taught him about family and unconditional love. In spite of this, there were members of the pack who despised him a situation which escalated when he became the pack’s alpha.

Then the unthinkable happened, his pack came under attack leaving death and mayhem in its wake. So he made it his mission to hunt and capture the responsible party as justice needs to be served.  What he never counted on was that during his quest he would find love with the delectable Dr. Maddie Ardelle.

Dr. Maddie Ardelle moved to Brdgepoint Maine, to get the pieces of her life together. Maddie’s life lacked excitement, but that changes when she got caught in the middle of the ShadowShifter’s feud. When the hot and sexy alpha came to her aid, she found herself caught in a world of passion, violence, and a lot of shifters.

The Story

Selenium Night is one of those books which holds you captive from the first page and you eagerly turn the pages because you have to know how the event will unfold.

I loved the world that the author introduced in this story. There are two species of ShadowShifters, Aristans created by Arista one of the moon sisters and the Thesians, created in retaliation by her twin sister Thesia. Both species are sworn enemies. ShadowShifters are human souls that were fused with the soul of a wolf.  In their natural state they are humans, however they have the power to change in various forms of a wolf. They lived in plain sight of humans, but the humans had no idea they were living among supernatural beings. ShadowShifters are born not made.

I enjoyed the slow burn romance, a rarity for this genre.  This is not a shifter story where the hero recognizes his mate immediately and lay his claim to her. Despite his attraction to the heroine he could not reconcile his feelings. Mating with a human, a big no no. They took their time getting to know each other. Their love for each other  developed at a natural pace. She tugged at his heartstrings and he had this uncontrollable need to protect her, which proved detrimental to his mission.

Suspense, action and humour sprinkled throughout the pages of the book, made Selenium Nights a true page-turner.

The Characters

The story featured well fleshed out characters, whom I liked and could not help but root for them. Aidan is strong, determined and protective. His life growing up was hard, but that was until his circumstances changed. However, the pain of the past haunted him.   Maddie had experienced her share of hurt and as such was not looking for a relationship. I could relate to her uncertainties regarding her developing feelings for Aidan.  She is funny, selfless and brave. They complemented each other. I enjoyed their initial contact, which provided me with some laugh out loud moments.

The secondary characters played an intricate role in making the story a page turner.  My least favourite was Kieran, Adian’s adoptive brother. He is a true personification of evil.  It was his actions that led to disaster that struck the Bloodlocke pack and he is the one Aidan is hunting.

The one thing I had an issue with is the author’s failure to delve deeper into the forbidden aspects of Aidan and Maddie’s relationship. They go their HEA, but it would have been good to know the effects in the future in light of the fact that Maddie cannot be a shifter.


The story delivered a heart-warming, emotional, suspenseful and action packed read. I do believe this is a great start to the series and I am eager to see what next the author has to offer. Fans of paranormal romance with strong sexy characters will enjoy Selenium Night.

About Kharma Kelley

A Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy author, Kharma Kelley has been enamored with all things that go “bump in the night” for who knows how long. She truly believes that finding humanity and beauty in some of the most seemingly unconventional places is part of the romantic psyche to her. A big fan of the Big Easy, Kharma tends to weave her proud Cajun heritage and values into her books. She enjoys reading other urban fantasy and romance novels and playing Minecraft in her spare time.”Tall, Dark & Deadly” is the first book of her “Agents of The Bureau” series. Expect more sexy, dangerous and even hilarious installments to be released along with a new “ShadowShifter” series coming in 2017. She frequents Wattpad (which she refers to as a story “incubator”) often and beta tests her new story ideas there as well as provide guidance and critiques to aspiring authors. Her works are often compared to Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole and the late great author, L.A. Banks.

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21 responses to “Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley

  1. That’s a pretty good book to start the series Nadene. Haven’t read any shifter stories this year yet but I’ll be checking out my TBR for something 😉 Great review!

  2. I haven’t heard of this one before, but it seems like it has all the elements to keep a reader entertained and I’m glad to hear it worked so well for you!

  3. kindlemom1

    This is new to me both the series and the author but it sounds fantastic. I love that the characters were so well done, definitely something I look for in this genre.

  4. I love a good PNR. This sounds really good! Thanks for reviewing this book. It wasn’t even on my radar. 🙂

  5. I’ve been looking for some new paranormal reads to add to my list, thanks for sharing your thoughts and putting this under my nose!