Stealing the Selkie’s Heart by Ella Rose

Stealing the Selkie's Heart

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The cover of Stealing the Selkie’s Heart captured my attention. I was curious to about the story written between the pages of this book. My expectations going in weren’t too high having never read the author before. However, I didn’t need to worry as Ella Rose delivered a well paced tale that kept the reader engaged from start to finish. 


Stealing the Selkie’s Heart by Ella RoseTitle: Stealing the Selkie's Heart
Author(s): Ella Rose
Series: The Selkie Seas #1
Also in this series: Saving the Selkie's Heart
Published by Lightning Platypus Press on July 19, 2022
Pages: 261
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Source: Author
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Series Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

Ronan, a selkie warrior, is used to getting his way, and he fully expects to sort out negotiations with the local sirens before war breaks out. But when his sealskin is stolen by a desperate human, peace treaties fall by the wayside as he tries to appease her and get back what’s his. And when he finds out she’s his True Mate, things get even more complicated. He must seduce the human to get his skin back before war reignites.    Una MacCallan wants to save her small Scottish fishing town from the curse that befell it 10 years ago. When she comes across a newly changed selkie, she knows he's the key to helping her. But the attraction between them is hard to fight and is only a distraction.    They must race against time to break the curse even as they fight the bond growing between them. She stole his sealskin...can he steal her heart? 

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Stealing the Selkie’s Heart started of with hero, Ronan, a selkie coming on shore to inform his Prince of the meeting he had with the siren emissary to broker a peace treaty. Coming a shore meant he had to shed his skin which allowed him to appear human. However, before he can proceed on his mission, he needs to hide his skin.  If a human should get hold of his skin, they can use it to control him.

Unfortunately for him, Una a fisherwoman observed him in the process of hiding it. She decides to take it to force Ronan to help her find the person who placed a curse on her town and hopefully break said Curse. Reluctantly he agrees to assist her, hoping he could seduce her into giving back his skin. 

Set in 1861 on the Hebrides Island off the coast of Scotland, Stealing the Selkie’s Heart, treats readers to an entertaining paranormal romance. It delivered the right mix of suspense, mystery and romance with a dash of politics on the side.

Ronan’s plan to seduce Una backfired, as it turns out she was his true mate. Therefore, his attempts to seduce exposed his heart to an unfamiliar situation. Also given his status in his clan as an Anchor (soldier), finding his one true mate created a complicated situation. So invested was he in his plans of seduction while trying to assist her with her mission, his assignment got pushed aside.

Despite being a widow, Una never experienced the joy of falling in love until Ronan. Although when she stole his skin, love was the last thing on her mind. Una is fiery and determined.  To be totally honest I didn’t like how she treated Ronan in some instances.  However, his even tempered personality helped to balance her shrewish nature.

I found the aspect of the story dealing with curse interesting. I quickly figured out the identity of the person behind the curse. However, the reason for casting it took awhile longer to figure out. It was fun seeing how that part of the story played out.  However, a few questions arose, one of which being what happened to the person whose actions led to the curse being placed on the town.

A story is nothing without its characters. Stealing the Selkie’s Heart portrayed interesting characters. Getting to know these characters enhanced my enjoyment of the story. However, it would have been lovely if more background information on Ronan had been provided. Now based on the fact the hero is a selkie, who lives in the sea, one would expect a little more details about his world. The worldbuilding, however did not stand out as expected.

Stealing the Selkie’s Heart is a good start to the Selkie Seas series. Like all paranormal romances expect an insta- attraction, but also prepare for a fun and intriguing journey. Fans of the genre should not miss this one.


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Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star



She frowned, thinking. “It’s late. Why don’t we start first thing in the morning?”
Ronan bit back a surge of frustration. “Why wait? Let’s get started now.”
Una shook her head. “I’m exhausted. And you said you’d had a rough day,” she shot him a rueful, apologetic glance, “so we start tomorrow at first light.”
Ronan growled and rose in a fluid movement. He strode over to her, appreciating the way she recoiled from his closeness as his chest bumped hers. “We start now,” he said in a seductively soft tone. Her lips were inches from his. He could kiss her right now if he chose to. The thought was tantalizing. He found himself staring at her lips as she licked them nervously.
She put her hands on his chest and pushed. It wasn’t enough to unbalance him, but he did rock back a step. She glared up at him. “Stop trying to intimidate me. It won’t work. I get that you’re powerful and used to being in charge. But around here, I call the shots, not you. And right now, I’m too tired to think, so We. Start. Tomorrow.” She poked his chest with each word. She put her hands on her hips and glared up at him, daring him to contradict her.
He stared down at her, eyes blazing. How long had it been since a female fired back at him? One who didn’t obey without question? He felt a surge of appreciation that dampened his irritation at the defiance. He knew he could intimidate—it was a tool he employed often when needed—so for her to stand up to him spoke of courage. Or extreme desperation.
He forced himself to back up and put up his hands. “Fine.” He spat the word. “Tomorrow then.” He glanced around the house until his eyes settled on the bed. He strode over to it and tossed himself down on it. It was surprisingly soft, and the way the cushion underneath sank under his weight was like a full-body hug. It was a pleasant sensation that reminded him of the way strong currents felt against his fur when he was swimming.
“Oh no,” Una said, moving over to tug on the hem of his pants leg. “You’re not sleeping in my bed. You’re on the couch.”
“That lumpy thing?” Ronan complained, not moving. “I won’t sleep a bit. I’m not staying on that.” He turned a glare on her. “You wanted me, you got me. And this is where I’m sleeping.” He bounced his head on her pillow for emphasis.
With a growl, she leaned over and tugged the pillow out from under his head, then hit him over the face with it. “There’s no way you’re kicking me out of my own bed! Now get up!”
He swung his legs over the side so that his knees brushed against her dress. He grinned up at her. “There’s no need for you to be kicked out. It’s a big bed. We can share.”
She stared at him in shock. He saw the flush creep up her neck, blazing into her cheeks like beacons in the dim light. “There is no way in hell you are sharing my bed this night or any. You are no selkie husband. Now get. Up.”
He liked the way she growled the words at him. He stood, once again uncomfortably close to her, but liking the way she had to crane her neck up to meet his gaze with her own fiery one. Letting all his pent-up desire leak into his eyes, he felt the burn all the way down into his stomach, curling around his skin like fire, until he felt she would all but combust from the heat of it.
“Fine.” He let the word slide out of his mouth, savoring the feel. He noticed the way her eyes flicked to his lips. He smirked. “But I’m not sleeping on that sad excuse of a couch. I’d rather sleep on the floor.”
Una cocked her head, then smiled in a way he didn’t quite care for. “Fine,” she said, drawling the word out the salacious way he had.
Ten minutes later, she lay on the bed, still in her dress but without her boots, which she’d placed by the front door. She stared at the ceiling, wide awake. At the foot of her bed, Ronan lay on a pile of blankets she’d layered on top of each other to form a pallet, with one rolled up underneath his head as a pillow.
Ronan watched her feet twitch as they hung over the edge of the bed. She had rather small, dainty feet, he thought as he admired them. He wondered what she’d do if he reached up and massaged them. Probably slap me, he thought. The idea made him smile in the dark. He liked how feisty she was, how quick to anger. His fellow Anchors would like her.
If I ever get to see them again, he thought. No, that was the wrong way to look at it. When he saw them again. It was just a matter of time. He would seduce the lady, get his sealskin back, and be gone before she could say his name. It was just a matter of time.
© Ella Rose
I hope you enjoyed the playful banter between Ronan and Una. And spoiler alert: that bed is, in fact, big enough for the two of them. You can read more about them in Stealing the Selkie’s Heart, Book 1 in the Selkie Seas series by Ella Rose.
Ella Rose


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Stealing the Selkie's Heart

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3 responses to “Stealing the Selkie’s Heart by Ella Rose

  1. Selkies and sirens always interest me, although I think the only one I’ve really read was Tides by Betsy Cornwell and that was more YA. Still they are fascinating for sure. And I always want more world building too since these undersea cultures would be so fascinating!!

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