REVIEW: Politically Incorrect by Jeanne McDonald

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AUGUST 16, 2016

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Sex. Lies. Greed. Power. Scandal. Politics.

Political strategist, Elizabeth McNeal has been called a lot of things throughout her career—bitch being at the top of the list—but she doesn’t let it get to her. She’s bold, she’s blunt, and she takes orders from no one. This is how she’s survived working in a man’s world. She’s the master of diversion, and her specialty is winning an election—no matter the cost.
That is, until she meets her new client, Democratic candidate, Congressman William Baxter. Kind, considerate, insanely handsome, honest, and ten years her junior, he’s a unicorn among politicians. He infuriates her. He challenges her. Most of all, he makes her see past the scandalous world of politics and helps her to discover the heart of the woman inside her.

With sparks flying between them and the election rapidly approaching, the last thing either of them need is to be caught in a compromising position. Some lines are meant to be crossed and some rules broken, but for Elizabeth and Liam is it worth the cost of being politically incorrect?

This is my first political romance and my second Jeanne McDonald novel. I was expecting this to be a good story based on my prior experience with the author’s work. ‘Politically Incorrect” gave me insight into the happenings of the US political arena. It demonstrated the underhanded tactics that some politicians would employ in an effort to besmirch their opponent character.

I admired the heroine in this book. From the moment I met her I knew I would love her. She is a divorcee and a single mom who has experienced a lot of adversities, but as managed to come out on top. She is feisty, strong, independent and powerful. She is a great political strategist and it was for that reason she was hired to manage Congressman William Baxter’s campaign for a seat in the Senate.

William Baxter was not your typical politician. He was honest which is a unique trait within the political arena. Elizabeth was skeptical of his persona at first as in all her years as a political strategist, she has never encountered a politician who was completely honest. As such she had a hard time believing that William is all that he purported to be. However, the more time she spent with him she came to realise that she could take him at face value.

The attraction between Elizabeth and William was instantaneous. Elizabeth fought hard to keep her feelings for William at bay as she feared to cross professional boundaries. Yielding to temptation would certainly create a scandal which her client could ill-afford. Added to that was their age difference which she considered to be a major issue. Will she be able to stand firm in her decision or will she succumb to the attraction and find love in the arms of a young and promising politician?

This book had all the ingredients that made for an exciting story. Relatable characters, a great plot and a well-written story. There were enough drama and romance to keep me thoroughly entertained. The dialogue was tinged with humour and snark. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters and the sexual tension between the protagonist that oozed from the pages of the book. There was a particular aspect of the story that I never saw coming. It just goes to show that not everyone can be trusted and that the worst betrayal is that perpetrated by a friend.

If you love romance stories that are centred around the political arena, then you will love ‘Politically Incorrect’.

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