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Title : Dark Wine at Sunrise
Author: Jenna Barwin
Series: A Hill Vampire #2
Publisher: Hidden Depths Publishing
Published : March, 2018
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 394
Format: ebook
Source: Gifted
Purchase: Amazon

After reading Dark Wine at Midnight, I had many questions. Questions, which I eagerly wanted answers for, and so I as happy to receive a copy Dark Wine at Sunset for review.  Unfortunately, because of the many books vying for my attention, I did not get around to reading it until now. My only regret is my waiting so long to pick up this book.
I enjoyed this installment a lot. Filled with suspense and twists that kept me guessing throughout the story.  A few humorous scenes had me grinning from ear to ear.  Barwin created a perfect blend of suspense, mystery, romance and humor resulting in an addictive and enjoyable tale.
Dark Wine at Sunrise picked up immediately, from where book one left off. I got the answers I sought from the questions which arose in book one. However, there are still more questions that I needed answers for as the danger has not passed and Henry and Cerissa will have bigger obstacles to overcome. Cerrisa is still seeking investors to invest in her lab and she is committed to completing her assignment, which involved uncovering the mastermind behind the underground vampire group. Meanwhile she tries to keep her relationship with Henry secret from her people.
In this installment, I learnt more about Henry and Cerissa. Henry is a centuries old vampire. His sire refuses to relinquish her hold over him.  Her actions created problems for him in both his professional and personal life. She was Henry’s weakness and not in a good way.
I gained insight into Cerissa and her people, the Lux. I loved Cerissa. I found her to be strong willed, smart, brave, protective, caring and funny. 
After meeting her people, I understood her need to do things outside of the laws they created to keep their people in check. I admired her bravery in that regard.
Henry and Cerissa’s relationship has grown. However, they still had obstacles to overcome. One being Cerissa’s fear of rejection on Henry’s part if she revealed her true form to him. In addition, secrets from Henry’s past, posed a threat. Eventually, they opened up to each other. I am still laughing at Henry’s reaction when he discovered Cerissa’s true form. 
The supporting characters made things interesting. There is Rolf, Henry’s business partner and deputy mayor. I found him to be an unlikeable character. I did not trust him and was suspicious of him. Then we have Tig the Chief of Police. A former assassin and a tough as nails female vampire. She is not one to give up, which was clear in her determination to solve the mystery of who tried to kill Henry. She had her work cut out for her. Aside from solving the assassination plot, she had to stop a serial killer was targeting both mortals and vampires.  As the story progressed, the connection between the cases as well as Cerissa’s became clear. 
I loved the world the author created. Vampires mating with mortals, but not allowed to turn them until they were centuries old. Silver and sunlight were their enemies. There was vampire who was priest, who residents, both vampires and mortals go to seek absolution and counselling when the need arise.

Dark Wine at Sunrise kept me glued to the pages, with its intense and suspenseful storyline and interesting characters. Looking forward to the next book Dark Wine at Dusk

A seductive spy. An alpha vampire. A deadly conspiracy…

Research scientist Cerissa Patel has only one desire: to feel her lover’s fangs slip into her neck for the very first time. Once they become blood mates, no one can keep them apart.

But it’s never that easy.

Cerissa’s relationship with vampire Henry Bautista violates a centuries-old law, and the town council wants her banned from their secret community. If they have their way, she’ll be separated from Henry forever.

As if that isn’t enough, Henry is still in danger. The would-be assassin lies in a coma, and Cerissa is no closer to knowing who targeted Henry—or why.

To make matters worse, her own people forbid her from becoming a vampire’s mate. They aren’t sure what Henry’s bite will do to her and want her focused on her original mission: tracking down the vampires behind a ruthless movement to enslave mortals.

Against these odds, Cerissa must find a way to bond with the man who holds her heart, and do so without paying the ultimate price – the loss of her wings forever…

If you like the worlds of Deborah Harkness, Charlaine Harris, or Jeaniene Frost, then you will love this second installment in the Hill Vampire series.

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24 responses to “BOOK REVIEW: DARK WINE AT SUNRISE by JENNA BARWIN @JennaBarwin #UrbanFantasy

  1. Lindy Gomez

    This story sounds like it had it all; mystery, suspense, humor, romance, and twists! I can tell how much you enjoyed this story! Great Review Nadene 🙂

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. Kati ??

    Oh amazing review I absolutely love urban fantasy books and this one looks and sounds right up my alley. I am really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  3. Glad that book two kept going where the first one left off and gave you a solid sequel story. Sounds like there is some good conflict and suspense happening.

  4. kindlemom1

    What a pretty cover! Sounds like the story line matches the cover too which is always nice! Great review and glad you liked this!

  5. Don’t you just love when books are addictive and entertaining? It’s always good if the following instalment picks up where the previous left off, so that you don’t miss anything important and there’s not too big of a time gap between the two.

    Sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Debbie Haupt

    Great review Nadene, LOL I know that feeling so well so do most of the books on my shelves 🙂 glad you finally got to it