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What occurs when one’s enemy, in a quest for revenge and power decides to use one’s family as leverage to accomplish his evil plan?  To find out the answer to this question get yourself a copy of Nancy S. Thompson’s new novel, Leverage.

I was first introduced to this author when I was granted the privilege to read and review her debut novel The Mistaken.  In my opinion, I thought this book was entertaining and riveting, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked to read and review the sequel.  I  reckoned that that based on my previous experience that I would be in for an exciting and thrilling read.  Boy oh Boy was I right.

Leverage is an intense read that grabbed my attention from the first word and held it until the very end. It’s a story that is filled with suspense, mystery and intrigue. It had me on the edge of my seat  as I tried figuring what was going to happen next.  There were so many twists and turns that will make your head spin. What I like is that there were so many players and it was not easy to figure out who was ,good and who was bad.

I could not help but sympathize with Tyler and Hannah. These two had been through so much in the previous story that I was hoping that they would be able to live a peaceful life. However, this was not to be as an
unknown enemy in their quest for power and revenge was bent on destroying their lives.  This individual was not above using evil an underhanded tactics to achieve his goal. In spite of all this their love for each other did not, waiver.

Ms. Thompson engaged mu emotions  as it relates to Tyler and Hannah.  She made it easy to relate to their experiences.

In this installment we are introduced to Connor, Hannah’s son from a previous marriage.  He became the ultimate pawn in this quest for revenge.
I thought he was gullible, which made it easy for him to be used.  He refused to take responsibility for his own actions and was quick to blame Tyler for his predicament.  There were times he got on my nerves with his attitude.

Leverage depicts how destructive secrets can be. It also demonstrates how the quest for power can drive one insane.  It’s a story of jealousy, revenge, obsession, greed and power.

There is so much more I could say about this book, but I will
not ,as I may inadvertently give something away as the such the best I can do is to reiterate what I said at the beginning, get yourself a copy of this
awesome book , I can assure you  it will be worth your while.



I stood there, motionless, unsure, and let my eyes flutter shut. God, how
many times had I imagined this? I never allowed my mind to go much further,
because I knew she could never be mine, and I never wanted to harbor any resentment
toward my best friend for possessing something I coveted. But Leo was gone now,
and here she was, offering herself up to me. I realized it was just the grief
and loneliness, but I felt it, too. I wanted something, someone to take that
pain away, so I let my body take over.
I parted my lips and felt Katy’s tongue sweep along them, first the top,
then the bottom, before her teeth nipped it, and she sucked my lip between her
own. My hands started at her waist and smoothed up her body, along her ribs, and
around her back, pulling her in tight. I felt her fingers weave through my
hair. She pulled then pushed, indecisive, yet in need. Our breathing grew
hectic and heavy, and our hands drifted over body parts they’d never before
dared to touch.
She gasped when my hand slipped under her rumpled t-shirt and took hold
of her breast. Can’t say I hadn’t ever dreamed of doing that. And just as I had always suspected, it filled my hand
perfectly. Katy’s knees nearly buckled when I ran my thumb over her nipple then
took it between my fingers, rotating it gently, slowly.
She pulled her mouth from mine and let her head loll back, the perfect
opening to explore her neck with my mouth. She drew into my body, allowing
herself to feel and be overwhelmed, yet succumbing to her sorrow at the same
time, and sobbing into my shoulder. She clawed at my jacket and tore it from my
body then pushed my t-shirt up over my head in one swift movement. I felt her
nails rake across my back, reasonably sure she’d drawn blood. I hissed through
my teeth and threw my head back, but Katy didn’t stop.
She ripped open the button and zipper on my jeans and slid her hand
inside my shorts. Again, I inhaled sharply, only this time, I groaned
afterwards as her fingers found and wrapped themselves around me, squeezing
with just the right amount of pressure.
It was almost too much, too unexpected, too emotional. I feared
completely losing control. I grabbed for her hand and tried to pull back, but
Katy used my momentum and pushed me onto my bed. Her lips found mine once
again, biting, sucking, kissing, everything she could do to keep me in the
moment. And God, it worked.
My hands behaved of their own accord and pushed her t-shirt over her
head, then her sweatpants down over her hips, taking her delicate lace panties
with it. She cast everything aside and flipped her hair over her shoulder, then
sat astride me, her gaze pinned to mine, her eyes heavy with both passion and
grief. Her movement slow and deliberate, Katy slid off my lap and onto the floor,
tugging my jeans and briefs as she went, peeling them off after removing my
shoes and socks.
Her hands moved languidly from my ankles to my knees and up the inside of
my thighs before laying claim to the very essence of me, first with her hands,
stroking and squeezing, then with her mouth, torturing me with her tongue and
her teeth, sucking and pulling while her hand stroked up and down. And just
when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, I pulled up on her head and bucked
beneath her practiced hands. She jumped up and straddled me once again, using
her hand to guide me into the deepest part of her.
Her slick flesh enveloped me in a warmth so tight and wet, I thought I
would explode into a million pieces. I groaned like I was about to die, and my
hands twisted the rumpled bed sheets. But then Katy held still for the briefest
of moments, her hands on my chest and her hair cascading like a waterfall over
her shoulders and down her bare breasts.

I reached for my forehead, overcome with my need to release. I looked up
at Katy, and, at first, thought I saw the smallest of smiles turn up the right
side of her mouth, but it was too brief, and I couldn’t be sure. She started
moving against me once more, her motion controlled and with a purpose. Her flesh
tightened hard around the length of me, pulsing in a frantic rhythm with each
measured thrust. I couldn’t take it. I covered my face with my hands and tried
to think of something else, anything but the blessed torment this woman was
putting me through.  



About Nancy S. Thompson

Nancy is a sunny California transplant currently living in dreary Seattle, Washington with her husband of twenty-four years, their son, a student at Seattle University, their giant snow dog, Jack, and his kitty, Skye. She works as a freelance editor and also has her own interior and architectural design business. When she’s not writing, editing, designing, or marketing—a rarity these days—Nancy keeps herself busy by cooking and baking, that is, when she can pull herself away from Facebook, also a rarity.

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4 responses to “Review: Leverage by Nancy S. Thompson

  1. Thank you SO much for participating in my tour, for taking the time to read Leverage, and for writing such a thoughtful review! Totally made my day!