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Title: Arrange Us
Series: The Arranged Duo Book #2
Author: Katy Regnery
Narrators: J.F. Harding, Brooke Hayden
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Katy Regnery
Release Date: May 20, 2019
Format: Audio book
Listening Time: 5 hrs 35 mins
Speed 1.25x
Source: Audible Escape
Purchase: Amazon
Reading Challenges: 2019 New Release Challenge, 2019 Audio book Challenge

Arrange Us by Katy Regnery is book two in the Arranged Duo series and continues the story of Josh and Courtney. Arrange Us picks up from where Arrange Me, left off. Courtney and Josh are married, but they know nothing about each other as theirs was an arranged marriage, which was organised through a website called Arrange Me that specializes in matching couples based on certain algorithms. Courtney has realized her dreams of being married and Josh has gotten the girl to whom he has been attracted from the first time he met her. However can they stay married, much less to have a happily ever after.
Arrange Us highlighted the issues and the high points of marriage. Courtney and Josh are learning things about each other that they never knew before. Some of these discoveries led to insecurities rearing its ugly head. Josh had a hard time dealing with Courtney’s wealth, while Courtney felt insecure about her looks and wondered why he chose her when he had his pick of women. These two sure had many issues dealing with in their marriage. Parents’ disapproval, insecurities, egos, lack of trust, failing to communicate and deception. There should never be a need for deception, but sadly, this has happened a lot in marriages, which leads to a breakdown in the relationship.
I wondered if Josh and Courtney could move past their issues.
I found the story engaging. I especially loved the marital advice offered at the start of each chapter. Told from both Josh and Courtney’s POV, it helped me to understand situations from their perspective. I may not have agreed with most of their actions, or how they handled most of their problems, but I understood why they thought they had to make those decisions.
I have to admit Courtney’s behavior got on my nerves. She constantly whined and cried when things did not go her way. Josh patience shined at these trying points. Josh was not without his faults though. He needed to be a little more understanding. He needed to realise Courtney was used to a certain style of living, it would not change so quickly now that he is married her.
The issues were resolved easily with little or no conflict.
I thoroughly enjoyed the narration. It is my first time listening to JF Harding and Brooke Hayden. Both narrators did a great job in bringing the character’s emotions and voices to life.
Overall, a good story and one I enjoyed.

My name is Courtney Jane Salinger…
and I just got married.

I was sick of Netflix and chilling, hanging out, catfishing, ghosting, breakups, makeups, and games.

So, what did I do?
I signed up with a married-at-first-sight matchmaking service, and I married the man who was waiting for me at the altar.

We did it. We’re married. He’s mine. I’m his. Man and wife. Missus and Mister.

We barely know each other.
We’ve never lived together.

Turns out I’m an early bird, and he’s a night owl. He works nights and I work all day. His parents keep asking when we’re having kids, while mine keep emailing me the names of divorce lawyers. Women everywhere want to get in his pants, including his omnipresent ex…and my newly single boss can’t seem to get the hint that I am off the market.

No one thinks we can make it.
And now I’m starting to wonder too.

Being arranged was just the beginning.
Is happily ever after even possible?

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17 responses to “AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: ARRANGE US by KATY REGNERY #katyregnery NARRATOR: J.F. HARDING @HardingVoice BROOKE HAYDEN #brookehayden #ContemporaryRomance

  1. Debbie Haupt

    wow what a concept for a book series and why would these people chose that, hmmm something I’ll have to look into. Thanks Nadene

  2. Bewitched Reader

    I have some Katy Regnery books on my TBR, but I don’t think this is one of them. Thanks for the review!

  3. Bookworm Brandee

    This sounds really interesting, Nadene! Realistic in its portrayal of marriage even if the “arrangement” aspect maybe isn’t. I’ll have to checkout this series. 🙂

  4. Kati ??

    Great review, this is the first time I have heard or seen this book and it looks and sounds really great. I am really glad you fully enjoyed reading this book, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.