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Title: Blood Bond
Author:  Shannon K. Butcher
Series: Sentinel Wars #10
Publisher: Silver Linings Media, LLC
Published: October 23rd 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance 
Pages: 292
Format: ebook 
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review
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Blood Bond by Shannon K. Butcher is the tenth book in the Sentinel War series. When asked to review this title I enquired if it could be read as a stand-alone. Assured I would be able to follow the story without reading the previous books I decided to accept the request. Well, this was true as the author provided titbits of information from the previous books thus allowing me to have some understanding of the world and the different species of supernatural beings she created. However, in all fairness I believe it would be best to start at the beginning.  I found this installment interesting, and I have added the previous books to my reading list.
I had a wonderful time getting to know the main characters in this installment. Justice is a loner, but this was not by choice. Ten years ago, she woke from a coma with no memory of her identity. The only thing she knows is she is compelled by an unforeseen force to perform certain duties.  She never knows when she would be called upon to act, but disobedience is not an option as it can lead to excruciating pain. Her duty to obey led to her meeting Ronan when the unforeseen force compelled her to rescue him from certain death. One taste of her blood was all it took for him to know she was the one for him, if only he could convince her.
Ronan is a Sanguinar, who needs blood to survive. He does not like the label vampire, but technically that is his nature. My heart went out to Ronan and his kind. Their lives were bleak. Constantly faced with starvation because of the lack of sufficient blood supply.  He uses his powers to heal humans in exchange for their blood, which helps to sustain him, but it is still not sufficient. Justice’s blood proved the perfect elixir to keep him sustained.
Despite Justice’s uncertainties about her feelings for Ronan, they made a great team. No matter the circumstances, they had each other backs.  They are willing to sacrifice for each other even if it kills them.
The story began on a high note, where we see Justice coming to the rescue of a little girl while undertaking another mission. Despite this, I took some time to get into the story. This is not because it wasn’t any good, but I had to be familiarizing myself with the world and its various inhabitants. However, as events evolved, I became engrossed in the story and could not wait to discover the angle it would take.
Intense action scenes coupled with a sweet romance made for an interesting read.  Despite their instant connection, it took a while for Justice to warm up to Ronan.  I found the revelations intriguing, and I would love to explore these further. 
Overall, I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to fans of paranormal romance.

Justice has never known freedom. She woke up ten years ago, naked and alone with no memory of who or what she was. Since then, she’s been a prisoner, compelled by powers she doesn’t understand. She’s roamed the country, doing whatever the fates demanded of her, good or bad. Completely alone.
Until now.

Ronan is starving to death. Like all the Sanguinar, his survival depends on finding the dwindling traces of blood left behind by an ancient, magical race. Weeks ago, Justice saved his life and since then, it’s been her blood he craves, her face he dreams about.

As evil closes in on all sides, threatening the only stronghold the Sentinels have to protect them, Ronan must find a way to gain Justice’s trust and free her from the dark powers that control her. Because if he can’t, the next person she is compelled to kill may be him.
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