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The Significance of Red in My Life

This month’s prompt for the Blog All About it Challenge is Red.  How fitting, seeing we are in February and one of the things associated with this month is Valentine’s Day.  My focus for this post however will not be on Valentine’s Day.  Instead it will be on the significance of red in my life.
Growing up red was the one thing, which terrified me. Why? It reminded me so much of pain, hurt and disaster.  You are probably wondering what could have possibly made me feel this way. Well, I think it’s best I start at the beginning.
When I was five years old, I remember falling and hitting my forehead on a stone. The impact led to my forehead bursting. The reason I remember this incident so vividly was the amount of blood, which flowed from the wound.  To say I was scared was an understatement. I actually believed I would have died because of the blood flow. Do you see where I am going; the colour of blood is red, and that moment was the scariest of my life. 
Fast forward five years later. I saw red in a new light when the boy I had been crushing on gave me my first red rose. I was riding high on cloud nine when I learnt that red rose symbolised love. Then the unthinkable happened, I discover I was not the only girl to receive a red rose from the same boy. You can imagine how heart breaking it was for my ten-year-old heart. 
Now just when I thought I could move past the pain associated with this colour I found myself on the cusp of womanhood. It was then I discover that red will play an important role in my life for years to come and definitely not in a good way.
I thought this would be the extent of my experience with red. If I never knew better, I would have believe the Master of the Universe was conspiring against me. Throughout this time, I saw red, fear and pain as being synonymous. Then I entered adulthood and the significance of red in my life took a 360-degree turn. I found myself surrounded by people who literally made me saw red. That was when I discovered anger was another associate of red.  
 At work I have to deal with people, especially those in positions of power, who seem to get up on the wrong side of their bed each morning. These persons who carry their problems to work and in the process make their colleagues’ lives a living hell. It is things like these that make me see red and I have been seeing quite a lot of it lately.  Do not get me started on my neighbours. Wow! talk about nosey parkers. It would seem everything I do fascinates them even if it is just driving through my gate. They make it their duty to pay attention to other people’s business instead of minding their own.   Added to this is the loud music playing throughout the night with no end in sight, whenever they decide to throw a party.  I can barely hear myself think at times like these.  Now that is enough to make anyone see red.
I guess by now you know I am not big fan of red and I doubt I will ever be.
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One response to “Blog All About It Challenge ~ February 2018 – Red

  1. Oh goodness. Head wounds are awful for the bleeding. That would be scary for a little one.

    And I totally get the seeing red. Ha! That’s what I did mine on. I so have a neighbor like yours. And NOTHING I do is ever right. I get lectured often. lol