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When I heard about this challenge, my excitement levels went up a notch. Why? This was a great opportunity for me to start having discussion posts on my blog. However, when I discovered the prompt for January would be winter, I scratched my head and wondered what I have gotten myself into.  What could I possibly write about winter, having had no experience with the season? You see, I from the island of Jamaica, which does not experience the four seasons. Instead, it is either sunshine or rain, hot or cool and the threat of hurricanes between the months of June and November. Now there is a topic I could write extensively on, but that is a story for another time.
Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of meeting persons who provided me with their varying views on winter. In addition, I have seen photographs of what winter looks like. I know this can never compare to the real thing, but for I have no choice but to experience it through the eyes of others. Growing up, I always wanted to experience what they experienced.  It all appeared so adventurous and fun.  The idea of making snowmen, engaging in snowball fights and creating snow angels and feeling and smelling snow piqued my curiosity. Also curling up beside the fireplace with a good book and hot chocolate, what more could a bookworm ask for. I dreamed of experiencing these things, but the opportunity never presented itself. Then as I got older, I came to realise there is so much more to winter than I originally thought.
The freezing temperatures I have heard about is definitely no joke. I am used to wearing one layer of clothing and so I cannot imagine wearing several layers to combat the cold weather. I am not averse to cold, but when I hear about temperatures such as 10 degrees Celsius, I am thinking hell no and do not get me started when it falls lower than this. Then there is the thing with the ice hmm.   Slipping on ice or having accidents while driving is not something I would want to experience. However, I love the idea of staying indoors due to the freezing temperatures and being the homebody I am it would suit me fine.
In a recent conversation with a relative who lived in the New York for twenty years, I enquired about what she loved most and least about the season. Her response made me laugh.  She stated emphatically that she did not like winter and it only had a good name because Christmas was celebrated during this time. So in essence, her favourite part of winter is Christmas. I understood where she was coming from because after spending most of your life in a tropical climate adjusting to the cold weather would prove a challenge. She hated when the snow get dirty as it is ugly and slippery. She said winter had other redeeming qualities as she enjoyed hot beverages during this time, and she loved the soothing feeling that comes with watching the falling snow.
Now despite the freezing temperatures and the possibility of slipping on ice I still dream of experiencing a taste of winter. I am not sure if it is something I would want to deal with permanently, but I would love to see and feel snow and experience all the good things that come with it.
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