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TITLE: A Different Christmas
PUBLISHED: November, 2016
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
SOURCE: Author

A Different Christmas Two people. Two upbringings. One Christmas. Sam was brought up to her happy family gathering at Christmas. Filled with many traditions that as an adult she thought were normal for everyone. Getting ready to finish work for the holidays to go home to her family in Scotland, was her idea of fun and relaxation. Well, that was until her boss, Luke, told her he was dragging her to New York for work. Much to Sam’s irritation, she has to go along and attend New York before flying home on Christmas Eve. Luke grew up with parents that had a multimillionaire company and wanted for nothing. Apart from a family to celebrate Christmas with. Luke grew up thinking he had what everyone had at Christmas, until he grew up and realized that Christmas is a family occasion. Two characters that clash at the slightest thing is a recipe for disaster. Throw Sam and Luke into New York and it is either a make or break for their working relationship. Would Christmas be different after this year?

I love stories that are centered around the theme of Christmas, so when the chance came for me to read and review A Different Christmas I could not resist.  This is the type of story that will get you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas holidays. It was funny, engaging and sweet. It will have you itching to pop out the Christmas tree and decorations. It reminded me of the fun I used to have growing up during the Christmas season.

The story is about Sam and Luke, who are as different as night and day. Sam grew up in a loving home, where Christmas celebrations were one of the most important family events.  Luke, on the other hand, grew up in a home void of maternal love and one where Christmas was seen as an opportunity for networking.

Christmas was coming soon and Sam was looking forward to going home to celebrate with her family. However, her plans were derailed by her boss. Luke wanted her to accompany him to New York for business, of course, she was not amused.  She didn’t particularly like him. She considered him to be an arrogant prick. 

At first I didn’t like Sam. Frankly, I thought her attitude towards her boss was a bit off. The manner in which she spoke to him would indicate that she had no respect for him.  She was judgmental, where Luke was concerned. She chose to form opinions about him without getting to know him. I must admit, though, there were moments when I couldn’t help but laugh at some the words that spewed from her lips.  Being forced to spend the week leading up to Christmas with him she came to realise that there was more to Luke than what she initially thought. Eventually, a softer and more caring side to her would emerge as a result. I adored Luke. After seeing what he went through as a child, my heart went out to him.  He had built walls around his heart, refusing to let anyone in, that was until he met Sam.

I was happy with how the romance between Sam and Luke developed.  It was not rushed. Their feelings for each slowly evolved, especially on Sam’s part. Luke had been drawn into her from the first time he saw her. He knew she barely tolerated him, as such he was hoping to use this trip to build a connection with her. However, what he did not count on was her power to break down the walls he had erected around his heart.
I found the characters interesting. Some I loved, some not so much.  I appreciated the way Luke handled his mother.  Her behaviour is the type that would test the patience of a saint, but never once did he showed her any disrespect.  It was so much more than a romance novel. It was a story about the importance of family and how the accumulation of wealth was a poor substitute.
If you enjoy Christmas romances, then you will love this book. This was my first time reading the author’s work and I was not disappointed.

I received a copy from the author. The opinions expressed above are based on my honest view and is in no way influenced by an form of compensation.

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