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Author : Whitney Gracia Williams
Title : Turbulence
Number of pages : 412
Publisher : 
WGW Books, LLC 
Release Date : August 29, 2016
Genre : Contemporary 
erotic romance

Strap yourself into the cockpit for the ‘flight of your life’ via the latest standalone erotic romance from New York Times bestselling author Whitney G….

Jake Weston and I met under a cloud of cliches: Boy meets girl. Boy charms girl. Boy screws girl.

He was the sexiest, cockiest man I’d ever encountered, but I had no idea he was a senior pilot when we met. No idea we worked for the same airline and had secrets just like me.

After a passionate night of unforgettable sex, I thought I’d never see him again, but when I did, neither of us could walk away…

We weren’t supposed to be together, we definitely weren’t supposed to fall in love, and yet our turbulent and forbidden love affair took on a life of its own.

We knew we could potentially crash and burn, but what we had was so intoxicating and inescapable that we were both willing to risk it all…

This is us.
This is our messed up love.
This is Turbulence

This is my first Whitney G novel and it will not be my last.  I chose to read this book based on the fabulous reviews that I read.   I enjoyed this book, even though there were a few things I had an issue with. I thought the title was fitting. If you decide to read this, which I think you should, be prepared to be taken on a turbulent journey of lust, passion, and love.
The prologue sets the pace for the remainder of the story. From the first page, I was plunged into the tumultuous relationship that existed between Jake and Gillian. Their relationship was chaotic, their chemistry undeniable and their feelings for each other sizzled like a slow burning fever through their souls.  After reading that emotionally charged prologue I knew I had to find what it was that made these two tick.
Gillian is a flight attendant for Elite Airlines. She recently discovered that her boyfriend of three years had been cheating on her. To get over his betrayal she decided with the help of her roommate that she would indulge in a one-night stand.  She went to a special party, hoping to find a suitable candidate. While at the party she met Jake Weston. It was at this point that things became interesting. Little did they know that what was meant to be a single night of passion would become so much more.  What made this situation even more interesting was that Jake was a pilot with the same airline and the company had a no fraternisation policy.
Jake was a complex character. I had a love/hate relationship with him. I wanted to hate him, but, as I slowly peeled away the layers that were Jake Weston the hate slowly turned into love. Jake is not your typical hero. He doesn’t do relationships. He uses women for his pleasure and discarded them. He took and said what he wanted and to hell with the consequences. He was cocky, intelligent, driven and emotionally distant. As the story progressed, I gained some insight into Jake’s past which made me understand why he acted the way he did.  Some may say that is no reason for him to behave that way, but I have learned that until you experience the pain and hurt that another has gone through we are in no position to say how they should behave. Everybody deal with things differently and Jake’s actions were his way of coping with what happened in the past.  He didn’t want to feel, but Gillian was slowly breaking down the barriers he had built around his heart.
Gillian is trying to get her life together. She is determined to prove to herself and her family that she could be successful. She would discover that it was not an easy task to accomplish, but I liked that she did not consider throwing in the towel.  There were times throughout the book, however, that I hoped she would grow a backbone and stop allowing her family and Jake to treat her the way they did.
This story was not only sexy, it was heartbreaking and at times humorous. I thought the story was well put together, although there were times I got a bit frustrated with the actions of the characters. Their constant push and pull gave me a headache. I kept praying that they would both get their act together and seized what was staring them in the face.  Also, I found the ending to be abrupt. There was closure, but I was hoping that there would have been an epilogue.
This was classified as an erotic romance. Personally, I felt that the romance factor was missing. This was more a case of boy meets girls and both embark on a sexual journey only to discover that somewhere along the line that their feelings had evolved from mere lust into something more meaningful.
If you love stories that are steamy, heroes who are damaged and hot as hell and heroines who get under their skin, then you would enjoy Turbulence.

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