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Assassins Club #1
Alexa Dawn
Releasing May 23rd, 2016
Young Ink Press

AGE: 27

The first rule in the assassins club

is simple: every job comes with a price.

Shadow has been given countless jobs

since joining the club, and all of them have been carried out, no matter the

Killing Scarlet Daniels, the heiress

to the world’s biggest electronics company, should be no different

Or so he thought.

You are cordially invited to join

the Assassins Club, but once you enter, there is no turning back. 


looks peaceful
, Scarlet thought, her stomach
tightening into knots. Out loud, she asked, “Do you get paid well? To kill
people, I mean.”
Shadow snapped his eyes back to her and looked at her
“I’m just curious,” she added, her voice small. She was
afraid she had upset him.
His posture had stiffened, and he regarded her carefully
before answering. “Sometimes.” The softness in his voice was gone.
“I’m sorry I asked.” Scarlet grabbed her now-empty plate and
took it to the sink, eager to be out of his piercing eyesight. He joined her a
minute later.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized quietly. “I’m not used to
discussing my profession in such a casual tone with someone… normal.”
“It’s okay.” Scarlet shrugged, not looking at him. “I
shouldn’t have pried. I’m sorry.”
Shadow nodded awkwardly. “I need to take a shower.”
Scarlet kept her back to him as she nodded, and Shadow
walked away. She didn’t dare move until she heard the water running, and then
she tiptoed quietly toward the front door. This was her chance. She needed to
leave, and now was the time to do it.
Unlocking the door, she slipped outside. She took a long
breath to steady her nerves and stop her shaking as she slipped on the jacket
she had grabbed on her way out. Then she ran down the stairs and driveway, not
daring to look back.
Following the dirt road, she kept her pace, her heart
pounding in her chest and the wind roaring in her ears. She had gone about half
a mile before she heard it: the sound of a car barreling down the road behind
her. She ran into the trees, tears fighting their way into her eyes.
The vehicle screeched to a stop, and she heard the
unmistakable sound of a car door being slammed shut, but she didn’t stop to
look. She just kept running.
Then she saw him standing about one hundred yards in front
of her. His arms were folded across his chest, and she could see a glare on his
face, even from that distance.
She skidded to a stop and began racing in the other
direction, though she knew it would be useless. Shadow had at least a foot on
her, and his long strides would easily catch up to her, but she kept going.
She sensed him behind her a split second before he encircled
her waist with one arm, pulling her against him. She struggled, trying to kick,
elbow, or claw at any part of him she could reach.
“Let me go! Let me go!” she screamed as she fought.
He snaked his other arm up and grabbed around her shoulders,
pulling her off the ground. It was no use. He was too strong.

She went limp in his arms, exhausted, as sobs began to rack
through her body. 

I have been reading and writing since I was a child, and after

falling in love with romance, I realized I have a story to tell; and by God, am

I going to tell it! Welcome to the world of Alexa Dawn. Good luck… You’re

going to need it.

Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading
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