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Title: SEAL Wolf In Too Deep

Author: Terry Spear
Series: SEAL Wolf, #4
Pubdate: February 2, 2016
ISBN: 9781492621836
Love spells danger for an alpha SEAL wolf and the woman who steals his heart in this steamy shifter romance from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear
His love is dangerous
As a Navy SEAL and police diver, alpha wolf shifter Allan Rappaport knows how to handle tough situations, but the arrival of a human diving partner—especially one as attractive as Debbie Renaud—is a whole new challenge. Getting involved is dangerous, but Debbie’s offers are hard to resist. As the heat between them rises and a murder plot thickens, Allan is on the brink of exposing his biggest secret.

But she’s diving in headfirst
For Debbie, working with another top-notch diver like Allan is too good to be true, and their mutual attraction is hotter than she could have dreamed. Debbie suspects he’s hiding something, though, and she’s set on figuring it out—one off-duty rendezvous at a time. But when Debbie gets between a werewolf hunter and his intended victim, suddenly she is plunged straight into the heart of Allan’s world—a world she never knew existed.
USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world and is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

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What Are My Top 3 Favorite Animals and Why?
By Terry Spear

I love animals, all kinds of animals. It’s hard to limit the number to three.
I love bears. I think it’s because I’m from the grizzly bear state of California. I loved seeing the bear on the flag and elsewhere, a symbol of the wild, untamed state of years ago. I create Wilde & Woolly Bears for much the same reason. Love bears. Have all kinds of wooden carved bears. And when I visit the zoo, I have to see the bears. They can be big old furry lumps, but I still love seeing them.

Big cats. Same thing. When I visit a nature reserve or zoo, I always want to see the big cats. Love the lions, tigers, white tigers, jaguars, golden and black, pumas, and the snow leopards. I even saw cheetahs for the first time at my son’s zoo in Omaha. The jaguars, pumas (mountain lions, cougars) and cheetahs pace. The lions laze around. The tigers, depends. In Waco, the momma tiger usually lay on her side watching her cubs. When she felt they were threatened, she bounded down the hill in super, dangerous, big cat protective mode. I was glad they had a good sized fence around the compound. Even the little cats are fun to see like the ocelot and others. I have lions and jaguars decorating my house. I was disappointed I couldn’t take one of my big statues of a cement lion with me when I moved. He was just too heavy. But I would have liked him at my front door greeting everyone.

Did you see how sneaky I was in getting more animals in than just three?
And then of course there are the wolves. Now, wolves require a special trip. Most zoos I’ve visited don’t have wolves. They’re in special reserves, like the one in Texas, all by itself. Or one of the ones in New Mexico, same way. The other had Mexican gray wolves and a variety of other animals. Or the one in Omaha, which includes bears and buffalo and elk. Or the two in Minnesota, one which has only wolves and the other that has wolves, bears, pumas, and other animals. I love seeing them interact with each other. The way they play or watch us and socialize. I have lots of wolves decorating my house also. I still need to set up my office and hang my wolf and jaguar pictures and statues.

Of course I’m not going to mention my beloved road runner that I left behind, my lovely havanese that are loving their new home, the bluebirds, or yellow birds, or red cardinals, I’ve already seen flitting about the backyard. Or all the other myriad of animals that I love to take pictures of at the zoo—not just the bears and big cats, or the wolves at the reserves.
Yep, I love all animals—well, except for some of the insects like mosquitoes and fire ants. But butterflies and dragonflies and walking sticks too? I love capturing them in photos.
What about you? Can you limit yourself to only having 3 favorite animals?

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