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How long would it take for him to turn into an ass again? She caught Jesse’s gaze and found herself momentarily mesmerized by his golden-brown eyes. What the hell?

HIS Desire (An H.I.S. novel) is a romantic suspense, stand-alone novel in the H.I.S. series releasing Nov 5th.

Can Jesse Hamilton, the head of H.I.S., protect his client when his past and his heart have put them both in jeopardy?
When FBI Special Agent Kate Ross is injured in a drive-by shooting, Hamilton Investigation and Security, Inc. (H.I.S.) leader Jesse Hamilton, believing she is the target of a killer seeking revenge against him, pulls the full force of H.I.S. into action to protect her.
Kate doesn’t believe Jesse, the only man to make her seethe one minute and lust after him the next, when he approaches her with a note from the Facilitator stating someone he loved would die shortly, and he knows in his gut it’s Kate. After a second attempt on her life, she can no longer fight his protection or her attraction to him.
After making a mistake that cost his wife her life, Jesse vowed to never love again, but Kate stirs something in him that puts his protective instincts into overdrive. Keeping her alive and out of his heart is more difficult than he expected. Then he makes a decision that could cost Kate her life. Is history due to repeat itself?

Being a tour host for Hot Tree Promotions, I was granted the
chance to sign up to be apart of this fabulous tour.  When I signed up to read and review this
title, I had no idea that this was the author’s debut novel, not that it would
have affected my decision either way. My choice was based on the fact that this
title came under the romantic suspense genre. By now you can guess I an avid
fan of this genre.
On completing this title I have to say that Ms. Kells got it
right.  ‘H.I.S. Desire’ has the right
blend of suspense, action, drama and romance to keep you entertained to the
very end.  It had me turning the pages as
I was eager to find out what was coming next. 
It had me guessing at every turn as to who the villain was. Just  when you think you have it figured out there
comes a twist that has you guessing once again. When the villain was revealed I
was like WTH!  At  first I did consider that this person may be guilty,
but  pushed it aside as I did not think
it possible.
The story is well written and the character development is
good.  The characters were likeable and
it was easy to connect with them.   They have issues that readers can relate to on
some level.  The interaction between the
main characters is filled with so much sexual tension, it’s a wonder my kindle
is still intact.  It is clear that Jesse
and Kate are attracted to each other, but they are not willing to give into
their attraction. Jesse was not looking for a long term relationship. He was afraid
to give his heart, having suffered the loss of his wife under tragic circumstances.  Jesse blamed himself for the loss and as a result,
he felt compelled to protect Kate at all cost. Kate is independent and is used
to fending for herself as such she was not too inclined to have Jesse shadowing
her every move in a bid to protect her.  There
were times when her stubbornness proved to be detrimental to her and others
around her.  It was good to see her
coming to grips with the fact that Jesse was only trying to keep her safe and
it was not his intention to make her life uncomfortable.
This book is the first in the H.I.S series and it can be
read as a standalone. This is a great start to the series and I can’t wait to
see what next Ms. Kell has in store for her fans. 


HIS DESIRE ebook by Sheila Kell, currently with a 4.90 rating on Goodreads, is available for pre-order on Amazon for $3.99. The book releases on Nov 5th. 
*The paperback will be available for pre-order soon.

Sheila has been an avid reader since she was young, believing in fantasy worlds, women sleuths and happily-ever-after. Instead of writing as a career, she followed in her father’s footsteps and joined the U.S. Air Force. After 12 years, she left the military as a disabled veteran then spent 12 year in higher education executive leadership. After reading her first romantic suspense novel, Sheila finally knew what she wanted to write. She has since retired to fulfill that dream. When not writing, she reads or spends time with her family. She lives in Batesville, Mississippi with three rescue cats.

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