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Soul Scavengers: Wilde and the Witch

Lisagh Winters



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Psychic medium Olivia Emerson is young, gutsy, and out to prove she’s got what it takes to hang with the big boys. Although haunted by a past that threatens to consume her, Olivia accepts a job on a snow covered island that could make or break her career. She just needs to keep her past where it belongs- behind her. She knows this job could be her foot in the door, and hopefully the vehicle she needs to break into the business and take the next step up. The only problem; she’ll be working with him.
Paranormal investigator Sullivan Wilde has a healthy dislike for anyone claiming to hear or communicate with spirits. To him, they’re all frauds. He learned firsthand that just because you want to believe, doesn’t make it real. 

When Sullivan’s forced to work with Olivia, he’s not happy about it. She exasperates him, pushes his buttons, and doesn’t have a shut off valve for that mouth of hers. He doesn’t believe in her ‘gift’, and makes no apologies for it. Yet, as much as he tries to deny it, there’s something about Olivia that gets under his skin. The moment they’re left alone on the dock of the island, devoid of living inhabitants, everything changes. Some unhappy spirits, coupled with Olivia and Sullivan’s burgeoning feelings for one another leave them with no choice but to rely on one another if they want to make it through the night. Can Sullivan and Olivia put their differences aside in order to finish the job and walk out alive?

Excerpt #1

“You heard me, Ghost Man, now please, will you step away from there? You’re scaring the crap out of me!”
He grabbed a hold of one of the columns and leaned his body out over the ledge. “Come on Ollie, where’s your sense of adventure?” he teased. “WooHoo! I’m a flying Wallenda!”
“Sullivan, please! Stop it!” she begged him.
“All right,” he gave in, and set himself back over the floor, safely away from the thirty foot drop. “I didn’t know you were afraid of heights, Ollie. But here’s the thing, it wasn’t you hanging off the building, it was me.”
She whacked him in the arm once he was close enough. “It doesn’t matter! That was really stupid and irresponsible! All it takes is one little slip. What if you had fallen? What then? You’d be frigging dead!”
“At least I’d still have you to talk to,” he tormented her.

Soul Scavengers tells the story of Sullivan Wilde a paranormal investigator and Olivia Emerson a clairvoyant. These two found themselves working together on an assignment which required them to investigate a property which was alleged to be haunted. Now Sullivan was not too keen to work with Olivia as he had no patience for persons who claim to speak to the dead. He saw them as being frauds. However, he had no choice in the matter as the client requested that Olivia be a part of the investigation.
Olivia was glad for the opportunity to be part of this assignment as she wanted to prove that she was no fraud and that she was good at what she did. She knew of Sullivan’s reputation and was prepared to deal with his skepticism.
The moment these two met it was instant fireworks and not in a good way. They were at each other’s throats constantly. Sullivan got a kick out of making fun Olivia’s abilities every chance he got. Olivia knew how to handle Sullivan. No matter how he made light of what she did, she still pressed and eventually she was able to make him see clearly that she was no fraud. Sullivan found himself drawn to Olivia, however, he was wary of giving in to his feelings as he did not want to cross the line as their relationship was a professional one. Furthermore, she was relying on him to give her a recommendation.
The dialogue is entertaining and humorous. These two had me laughing so hard. The story grabbed me from the beginning. The whole concept of a haunted church was intriguing. There were parts that I found boring as the story took some time to build up.
The main characters were not perfect and it was easy to relate to them. They each had their painful secrets which allow readers to understand why they are the way they are.
This was an enjoyable story that had no cliff hangers. Whoopee!!! I am looking forward to read more of this author’s work. If you love paranormal stories and want a break from reading about vampires and shape shifters, then get yourself a copy of this book.




About the Author

Lisagh J. Winters is the author of Soul Scavengers, and has been writing since she was a small child. She is also an accomplished artist and loves to play the guitar. Lisagh grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and learned how to fly a Cessna 172 when she was 25 years old. She’s an avid aviation and paranormal ghost show junkie, and a dedicated earth magician. 
Lisagh spent her younger years moving around a lot, and now resides in Cape Breton, Canada, with her seven cats and three dogs. She can be contacted at: 
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