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The Price of Atonement by M. L. Nystrom

The Price of Atonement

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The Price of Atonement is a wonderful book and a fitting conclusion the Dutchmen MC series. Once again, Nystrom delivers a gritty, edgy, emotionally charged story that was heart wrenching and inspiring. The story highlights the horrors of abuse, the beauty of second chances, the pain of loss and the healing power of love.


The Price of Atonement by M. L. NystromTitle: The Price of Atonement
Author(s): M.L. Nystrom
Series: The Dutchmen MC Book #4
Also in this series: The Price of Redemption , The Price of Forgiveness , The Price of Peace
Published by Hot Tree Publishing on November 4, 2022
Pages: 265
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Source: Publicist
Format: eArc
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Series Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

Everyone has a breaking point—even me. Meet a darker breed of bikers in bestselling author ML Nystrom’s gritty The Dutchmen MC series.
Abandoned by his club, Boots is trying to find a new place and new purpose in his life. His past plagues him with darkness, and if he faces it, there’s no turning back to the light. The brightest spot in his black universe is another man’s woman, Mama J.
Janice is by herself and struggling to make ends meet for herself and her children. Day after day, night after night, her life revolves around her identity as a mother and seldom as a woman. Then one day she meets Boots.
Mama J is discovering what it means to be Janice again, and Boots is desperately seeking to pay for his former sins. Is the price of atonement too high?

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The Price of Atonement is Boots and Momma J’s story. Momma J, whose given name is Janice, struggles with raising six children, two of whom belong to her ex’s other women. When she appeared in the previous books, we see where Nutter, the father of her four children, constantly cheated on her. After each apology, she would take him back. Nutter, however, didn’t take his responsibility as a father seriously. This left Janice with the sole responsibility of raising all his children. Eventually, she realised he had no plans to change his philandering ways, and she kicked him to the curb. Things are not, but she manages with a little help from the Dutchmen MC.

At the beginning of the story, Boots is being released from prison after spending two years on a misdemeanor charge. His club, the Dark Horses, no longer exists, therefore he is in search of a new place and a new purpose in life. Railroad offered him a chance to prospect for the Dutchmen MC, giving him a purpose and an opportunity to atone for past mistakes. The darkness of his past haunts him, but he held tight to the light as turning back was not an option. Then he meets Janice aka Mama J and suddenly the future looks brighter.

I, for one, was happy to learn Janice aka Mama J would finally have the chance to be with someone who cares for and Boots was that man for her. Sparks flew the moment they laid eyes on each other. Boots admired Janice not only for her physical attributes but also for her caring and nurturing nature.

Although Janice stood her ground and dumped her ex and was doing well on her own, insecurities raised its head now and again. These moments mostly occur in her interactions with Boots. She had a hard time believing that someone as handsome as Boots would be interested in her.

Boots is a man with secrets. His past is mired in darkness and he came looking for atonement. Protective by nature, a trait which we highlighted throughout the story. At the point when he finally believed he could put his past behind him, he found himself in a position where he had to resort to his old ways. I loved how Janice stood by him after witnessing his brutal side and learning of his past. I also enjoyed seeing them together as a couple. He did things for both her and her children. He showed her that not only was she a mother, but also a woman deserving of love.

The story featured a secondary romance, which I enjoyed seeing develop. However, their happily ever after was shattered, leaving me feeling sad and disappointed. Not even the author’s reasons for that tragic twist and a promise of a second chance for one half of the couple could not appease me.

Overall, The Price of Atonement delivered a wonderful story. Perfect for fans of MC romance.

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Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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