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Bear by Reagan Phillips


Posted on January 26, 2023 by Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading in Reviews / 9 Comments

I am back with a review of another Thrifty Thursday read. This time around, my review is for Bear by Reagan Phillips. I purchased Bear as a freebie on August 19, 2022. Its current price is $2.99 on Amazon and it’s also in the Kindle Unlimited program.


Bear by Reagan PhillipsTitle: Bear
Author(s): Reagan Phillips
Series: Tempest Elite MC #1
Published by Self Published on June 7, 2022
Pages: 110
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Source: Purchase
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star
Series Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

I'm not the kind of guy you come to for help. But, Bree Turner claims I'm the only person who can give her what she needs.
She's a redhead with a body made for sin and curves that have my mouth watering. She makes me want to change my ways, but at what price?
I'd do anything to keep Bree safe on her journey for answers about her brother's death, but when she digs into my past, all bets are off.
Before my brother died, he told me if I ever found myself in trouble to track this guy down.
Only, David never told me his retired commanding officer had become the president of a motorcycle club...and a cold-hearted jerk.
One look and I probably would have walked away, except the man they call Bear needs my help as much as I need his. If he can give me information about my brother's death, I'm along for the ride.
Until feelings get involved, and my heart becomes the cost. David may have trusted Bear to keep me safe, but can I trust this man with my soul?
Bear is a sweet and sexy motorcycle club romance that is part of the Tempest Elite MC series. No cliffhangers. Can be read as a stand-alone. Happy ever after guaranteed. If you love insta romance, curvy heroines, and hardened heroes who melt for the women they love, one-click now!

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I purchased Bear as the story focused on the world of motorcycle clubs. The thing that stood out with this club is that the membership is made up mostly wounded veterans. 

At the beginning of the story, we meet Bree, who is on a quest to find Jordan, aka Bear. She needs answers as to the reason her brother committed suicide. Jordan was her brother’s commanding officer. Before her brother took his life, he advised her if ever she needed help, Jordan would provide it. However, the state she found him in left her wondering if he could provide her with the answers she sought. 

Jordan is the president of the club, and he grapples with PTSD. He indulged in destructive coping methods, drunken binges, and fights to handle his PTSD. He needs the pain to mask the memories of the horrors experienced during his time in the military. It was a situation such as this Bree found him in. I liked how she stepped up to help even when faced with opposition from his second in command. 

Now I have nothing against insta romance. However, this time around, it proved a difficult pill to swallow. They had no chemistry, and their connection lacked authenticity. They were several things about the romance that I just could not buy into. However, I did like that they supported each other on their healing journey.

It would have been nice if the story provided more background information on the characters. Instead, it placed more emphasis on their current situations. 

Overall, Bear proved to be an interesting read and great for those times when the need for a short story arises. With a little more meat and greater character development, Bear could be an excellent story.

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Overall: One StarOne StarOne Star

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