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Twist of Fate 

Rachael Anderson
PUBLISHED: June 2014
PUBLISHER: Hea Publishing
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
When a postcard meant for Kenzie winds up in Ty’s mailbox, Ty’s faced with a decision. Should he tell her that her fiancé is breaking up with her and let it ruin her favorite holiday, or should he do what he’s wanted to do since he met her – make a move and hope that he can win her over before she discovers there won’t be a wedding after all?
It’s been a while since I have read a holiday romance and Twist of Fate provided with the opportunity to do just that.
Twist of Fate is a sweet and funny Christmas romance that will keep you entertained until the very end. This is a short read that can be read in one sitting.
The characters are likeable and connecting with them was easy. They were well developed, which made it easy for me to understand every emotion experienced. The interaction between the main characters Ty and Kenzie made for a bellyful of laughs. 
Ty and Kenzie live in the same apartment building and have best friends for over a year. From the moment Ty met Kenzie he knew he had met someone special, however, he was unable to act on his feelings as Kenzie was engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart. Due to the similarities in their names, their mails kept getting mixed up. It is as a result of one of these mix-ups that Ty saw his chance to win Kenzie for himself. 
This is a delightful read which shows that when we go after something we want it’s best to be honest and up front. If you love Christmas romance and you are looking for short, sweet and entertaining read then look no further. Get yourself a copy of this delightful story, it will be worth it. 
This is my first experience with this author and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading