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RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2014
From Bestselling SANCTUARY, TEXAS series! 

Sexy vampires, dragon shifters, and werewolves! See how the scintilating romance and the exciting saga continues! 

Fire and ice don’t go together… or do they? 

When the beast within wakes, her desires burn with a fire she can’t escape. She won’t let anything stop her, not even the fact that she has no memory. She doesn’t know who… or what she is, but also can’t shake the feeling that she’s something more than human. 

Dragon shifter twin brothers, Miles and Eli Blackmoor, are exiled Drakonae kings. A thousand years ago they lost their soul mate, Diana Karlson. Betrayed by their own people, they spent centuries on earth searching for a way to reclaim their birthright and their wife. They’ve dedicated their lives to protecting the House of Lamidae, hoping one day one of the seers in the house would have a vision to help them. 

All the Sisters ever say isshe is coming to you. 

Warning: Contains scorching m/f/m menage, bondage, and a sassy dragon female who wants her mates to play

Sanctuary, Texas Series 
My Viking Vampire 
My Dragon Masters 
My Eternal Soldier (Coming Next)

From the moment I was introduced to Krystal Shannan’s work I
enjoyed her writing and as such I was expecting an exciting read.   Although this was my first time reading
about dragon shifters I knew that Ms. Shannan would deliver as expected.
My Dragon Masters is the second book in the Sanctuary, Texas
series and can be read as a stand-alone. When compared to the first book it
came up short, nonetheless this is not to say I did not love this installment.
The story starts out with a bang. It gave me such a rush
that I was compelled to keep turning the pages as I was eager to see what was
going to happen next.  I was curious to
discover who and what the prisoner was and why she had been imprisoned.  Her escape and subsequent encounters kept me
on my toes and I was on edge throughout this scene as I prayed she was not
The focal point of this installment was on Eli and Miles,
twin fire dragon shifters and their mate Diana. 
Eli and Miles were introduced in the first book and it was evident there
was something missing from their lives. This missing link is revealed in My
Dragon Masters.  They had lost their mate
and their kingdom over a thousand years ago. When it seemed as if all would be
lost they were given a new purpose in life, that of being a protector of
Sanctuary. They knew their mate is alive based on the fact that they had not
lost their humanity. However, they had no idea where she was and they were not
able to leave Sanctuary to search for her due to their oath as protectors.  Will they be able to find their way back to
each other?
Diana is an ice dragon shifter who has been held captive for
over a thousand years. She woke from her prison not knowing who she was but
only with the burning desire to escape and to find the two handsome men who
have been haunting her dreams.  Diana is
strong willed, caring and not afraid to fight to help others at the risk of her
own self.
The supporting characters are interesting, but the one that
spoke most to me is Eria. I liked the way she befriended Diana when she was
most in need of a friend.  She is a bad
ass vampire who is not afraid to stand up and protect those whom she cared
about. I hope she will get her own story soon.
 The sex scenes are
hot and are tastefully written.  The
story has lots of action, passion, magic and most of all love. This is a story
of love and sacrifices.
I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see what next Ms.
Shannan has in store for her fans where this series is concerned.
 I received a complimentary copy of this book
in exchange for an honest review.
Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading