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Wet Kisses by Susan Griscom‏

Wet Kisses

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Wet Kisses by Susan Griscom‏Title: Wet Kisses: Pisces
Author(s): Susan Griscom
Series: The Sectorium #5, Zodiac Shifters #31
Also in this series: A Gypsy's Kiss
Published by Self-published on March 20, 2018
Pages: 154
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Source: The Romance Review
Format: eBook
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Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star

Adrian Marlowe is a dolphin-shifter who can shift into a dragon, a new and dangerous development to his shifter abilities. Now he’s gone from wealthy CEO to man on a mission: Figure out how to tame the dragon before it destroys him.

Landing the job as the new project manager in charge of the interior design of Waterscape’s new underwater hotel is Reese Briden’s dream job come true. Until she meets the sexy CEO and escaping the sexual tension that arises between them becomes impossible. Adrian could be the perfect lover. Except for one flaw. Well, maybe it’s not really a flaw, more of an inconvenience, because he is her boss.

Reese is feisty, beautiful and confident, and she might even be Adrian’s mate, except…she doesn’t know about the dragon. Now he has to decide whether to reveal himself or risk losing both her and his corporation. However, he just might lose himself if he lets the dragon consume him.

I had high expectations for Wet Kisses based on past experience with the author.  I was optimistic about this one but it did not quite live up to my expectations.  It did not wow me as I had hoped.

One would expect for a  paranormal romance be plunged into a world of supernatural beings. However, this was not the case. The hero is a supernatural being, while the heroine is a human with telekinetic abilities.

The plot lacked uniqueness, but the author compensated readers by creating a unique male protagonist. He was no ordinary shifter. He had the ability to shift into a dolphin and a Dragon, a concept that I found interesting. Now I understand where the idea for the title of this book originated.

The story read like a young adult romance. My reason for saying this stemmed from the actions of the male protagonist. I found his jealousy petty. If only he learnt to communicate, he could have saved himself all that stress.

I had a hard time believing Reese’s sudden acceptance of Adrian’s shifter abilities. One minute she had doubts about being with him, the next she was on board. The quick turnaround was unbelievable especially given her experience with shifters as a child.

Told from alternate POVs, the story introduced Adrian and Reese. Adrian is a 26-year-old multimillionaire and CEO of Waterscape Properties. His latest project involved building an underwater hotel and he needed an interior designer to decorate the rooms. This is where Reese came in; he hired her to do the job.

As you would expect from a paranormal romance the moment Adrian laid eyes on Reese his Dragon wanted to come out and play and the feeling was mutual on both sides. However, Reese’s rule of not getting involved with someone she worked with especially if he is her boss threatened to get in the way. Despite Reese’s reticence, Adrian’s determination had her rethinking her rule.

Their romance developed rather quickly, which came as no surprise. No slow burn here.

The turn of events near to the end surprised me. I am not sure what to make of it. I am still trying to figure out how it fit into the scheme of things.


Although not my favourite by the author Wet Kisses still provided me the escape I yearn for whenever I pick up a book.

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