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My Anti-Hero: Tijan

my anti-hero

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Prior experience with the author’s work led to high expectations for My Anti-Hero. Now, while I found the story to be okay, it did not have the impact I hoped for. In other words, it did not blow me away.


My Anti-Hero: TijanTitle: My Anti-Hero
Author(s): Tijan
Narrator(s): Andi Arndt, Teddy Hamilton
Published by Dreamscape Media on February 8, 2024
Pages: 534
Length: 14 hours 31 minutes
Genre(s): Contemporary Sports Romance
Source: Kindle Unlimited, Libro FM
Format: Audiobook, eBook
Purchase: Amazon|Audible
Rating: One StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

Listening time: 14 hours and 31 minutes.
I shouldn't have agreed to this. What was I thinking?Appearing on a local news show? Just because something happened to me?I live mostly in isolation on purpose.
But here I am.I was so nervous that I needed the make-up chair, twice.And then I walked past his room.
He's a giant--no softness, all muscle.And a rich beard that made me want to rub myself all over it.He made me see stars, literally because the second time I saw him, I tripped.Or I would've, but he caught me, and the cameras were rolling.Soon, that clip will be trending because he wasn't just another guest on the show.He's Brett Broudou, the Kings' newest football star.
We couldn't be more opposite.The only special thing about me is the reason I was on the show.Brett, the Super Bowl champion, and me, the survivor who helped bring down the infamous Midwest Butcher.
Brett might not think he's anyone's hero, but he's about to become mine.

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My Anti-Hero, introduces readers to Billie and Brett. Two individuals whose horrifying childhood experiences caused them to experience significant life-altering events. These two survivors avoided social interaction at all costs and lived their lives according to their own terms. However, a meet-cute situation at a local television station will bring pleasant and turbulent changes they both never saw coming.

Chickens played a role in helping Billie cope with the after-effects of her trauma. After all, they didn’t judge her for a past over which she had no control. Although a loving family adopted her, Billie had difficulty embracing them. A knee-jerk reaction to her experiences. Therefore, seeing her gravitate so quickly towards Brett the moment he came into her life was surprising, to say the least.

Brett was a complex character. With a difficult upbringing, he faced a life of crime, but football took him in another direction. A sport to which he was introduced late in his life. Despite finding emotional strength and a sense of freedom from playing football, Brett struggled to let go of his past. As a result, he lived his life in isolation until that fateful day when Billie came tripping into his life.

The romance failed to grab me in the way I hoped it would. Normally, I don’t have issues with insta-love, but this one did not work for me. Lust drove their relationship, and the lack of an emotional connection diminished its authenticity.

The suspense element, which originated as a result of Billie’s past, intrigued me and had me wondering how it would play out.  Billie survived a serial killer when she was twelve years old, and it would appear that a copycat was trying to get her attention. The revelations surrounding this aspect of the story were enlightening. Discovering the identity of the serial killer was eye-opening. As for the copycat, this was a case of the apple not falling far from the tree.

Honestly, I am glad I listened to the audiobook. I probably would have given up on the story if I solely relied on the e-book. Teddy Hamilton and Andi Ardnt gave life to the story, therefore making it a pleasant listen.


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Overall: One StarOne StarOne Star


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