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It’s All in the Hips: Diana Munoz Stewart

It's All in the Hips

Posted on May 10, 2024 by Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading in Reviews / 1 Comment

It’s All in the Hips is a brand new contemporary romance by Diana Munoz Stewart. It’s different from the previous books I have read by the author, but it still delivered as expected. Instead of a team of spies, It’s All in the Hips gives readers a second chance romance set in the world of reality television. This, coupled with mystery and suspense, made for interesting reading.


It’s All in the Hips: Diana Munoz StewartTitle: It's All in the Hips
Author(s): Diana Muñoz Stewart
Published by Kiss and Tell Books on April 30, 2024
Pages: 318
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Source: Author
Format: eBook
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

A one-night stand so hot, even a decade apart couldn’t cool the flames.
Yolanda Vasquez
Ten-plus years ago, I spent one glorious night with a hot stranger visiting Puerto Rico. Today, that heartthrob is a global health icon giving away millions on a reality fitness show. I really need that money to rescue my family business, am pretty sure I can win, and mostly sure he won’t remember me.
Easton Blake
I spent a decade building Fit for The World gym franchises, but after a reputation-ruining mistake, my board wants me out. Vowing to repair my image on a groundbreaking reality show is a huge gamble. One that turns dicey when the hottest hookup of my life makes the competition, and the other contestants quickly see her as a threat. Yeah. This can’t be what my board meant by reviving my public persona.
Knowing the disaster any romance would bring, Easton and Yolanda struggle to ignore their flaming-hot chemistry, but when someone schemes to drive Yolanda from the show, they join forces to stop them. Will their undeniable heat catch fire and burn down their worlds before they can eliminate the threat?

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



The story centres around Yolanda and Easton. Their story began twelve years ago when they shared a night of passion. Their connection ran deep, and there was hope for more than a night. However, circumstances didn’t allow for more. Despite the years apart, they never forgot that night.

Twelve years later, Yolanda is fighting to save her family business, and Easton is trying to save his company and his reputation. Hence, the reality show that Easton’s Company is hosting and on which Yolanda is a contestant.

Twelve years may have passed, but the chemistry they shared still burned as hot as ever. The romance sizzled and burned. They tried to keep their distance so as not to make the other contestants suspicious. However, one only had to observe the way they looked at each other to see the fire burning between them. This also brought trouble in the process.

While I am not a fan of reality television, the manner in which the author portrayed the whole concept intrigued me. The suspects were many, and the revelation was surprising in some aspects. The element of suspense aided in my enjoyment of the concept. It certainly had me turning the pages.

The story delivered the perfect blend of romance and suspense. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. Their lives were not perfect. Their struggles were real, and they are people to whom readers can relate to on some level.

Munoz combined an interesting mystery with a passionate romance, resulting in a story that kept me engaged from start to finish.


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Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

About Diana Muñoz Stewart

Armed with a razor-sharp wit and a rolled-up MFA in Creative Writing, Diana Muñoz Stewart cartwheel-kicked her way into publishing with her fiery Black Ops Confidential series. Washington Independent Review of Books called the series’ award-winning debut, “original, impressive” a “rollicking good ride” and “high-octane.” Of her writing Publishers Weekly said, “Stewart plays adeptly with the reader’s emotions” and noted that in her series, “Stewart’s talent shines.” Of her unflinching openness in taking on today’s relevant topics, Booklist noted, Munoz-Stewart discusses such sensitive topics as human trafficking, sexual violence, and sexism…while the diverse …Parish family and their mission to protect women everywhere give these topics…hope…  Kirkus Book Reviews noted her romantic suspense series, along with having, “Sizzling physical encounters” also “enables an emphasis on recovery and power.” Munoz Stewart’s work has been a BookPage Top 15 Romance of 2018, a Night Owl Top Pick, A BookPage Top Pick, and an Amazon Book of the Month. A 2014 Pages From The Heart Winner, 2015 Golden Heart® Finalist, 2016 Daphne du Maurier Finalist, and a 2016 Gateway to the Best Winner, Diana Munoz Stewart is a member of a Novelist Inc (NINC)International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime Diana lives in an often chaotic and always welcoming home that—depending on the day—can hold husband, kids, extended family, friends, and a canine or two. A believer in the power of words to heal, connect, and distract from chores, Diana blogs regularly on topics near and dear to her heart, including spotlight pieces on strong women from around the world. When not writing, Diana can be found kayaking, doing sprints up her long driveway—harder than it sounds–attempting yoga on her deck, or hiking with the man who’s had her heart since they were teens. Diana is represented by the wonderful Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary Agency.

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