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Dead Keen by Anis Eden

Dead Keen

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Dead Keen, the second book in the Things Unseen series, continues Neve and Connor’s adventures. The couple left the shores of the US for Ireland. While there, they are caught in another dangerous situation involving a crazed cult leader.


Dead Keen by Anis EdenTitle: Dead Keen
Author(s): Anise Eden
Series: Things Unseen #2
Also in this series: Dead Sound
Published by Tangled Tree Publishing on August 10, 2023
Pages: 347
Genre(s): Romantic Suspense
Source: Author
Format: eArc
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Series Rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Heat Level: One Flame

They were meant to be traveling away from danger...
The Doctor
Con O'Brien returned to Ireland to help solve a medical mystery that could destroy his brother's life. He brought along his new girlfriend, Neve, to introduce her to his family and the country he calls home—and to put an ocean between her and the dangers still lurking in Washington, DC.
The Therapist Neve Keane is convinced that the key to curing a baffling illness lies with an elusive video game designer in Galway. But getting his help means overcoming bad blood and broken hearts—and so far, he won’t answer his phone.
The Leader When you've gained the favor of an ancient god, nothing and no one can stop you from getting what you want—even if you demand the ultimate sacrifice.
In their race to uncover sinister secrets, Con and Neve get trapped with their backs against the wall, and the water is rising. Now they must find a way to save themselves, rescue innocent victims, and stop a deadly evil in its tracks—all before sunrise tomorrow.

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When Conner received a call from his brother Eamon seeking medical help for his fiancée, Ciara, he returned to Ireland for a visit. His brother’s call offered the perfect opportunity for him to catch up with his family while taking a long overdue vacation with Neve. It also provides a means for escaping the residual danger from their last adventure.
On their arrival and after consultation with, Ciara’s medical team discovered a connection to video games and a cult. Soon, Neve and Conner found themselves in a game of cat and mouse with a crazed cult leader.

Unlike the previous book, the events in Dead Keen moved at a slower pace. It took a while for the suspense to build up, but when it did, it had me on pins and needles. More of Connor’s past came to light, providing insight into his personality. We also see Neve and Connor’s relationship, despite there being no time for romantic moments, with danger lurking at every corner. I loved how they supported each other and their willingness to protect each other in the face of danger. Both are stubborn, which made for some interesting moments.

Reading, Dead Keen, elicited the urge for a trip to Ireland. The author’s descriptions made for easy visualization of the Irish countryside.

Dead Keen delivered an engaging read, which will appeal to fans of thrillers.


Story Evaluation
World Building
Overall: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

About Anise Eden

Following the advice to “write what you know,” ANISE EDEN authors psychological suspense and paranormal romance novels. Her qualifications include growing up in the countryside where rattlesnakes and cougars jumped out of nowhere; living with family members who are a little bit psychic; and having her life saved on more than one occasion by her SEAL Team of guardian angels. After college, Anise soaked up life in NYC, Washington DC, and points in between. She tried her hand at grooming horses, scooping ice cream, and designing billboards before returning to school to become a psychotherapist. Though she left that field after many rewarding years, Anise remains a passionate mental health advocate. Continuing her real-life adventures, Anise is now exploring life in Ireland with her husband and their small, benevolent canine dictator. While her books have won multiple awards, Anise’s propensity for dropping glass objects while barefoot makes it highly likely that her next win will be a Darwin Award.

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