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BOOK REVIEW: WICKED PASSION by AMANDA J. GREENE @AmandaJGreene1 #Paranormal #Romance

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Title: Wicked Passion
Author:  Amanda J. Greene
Series: Under Realm Assassins #3
Publisher: Indie
Published: June 25, 2019
Pages: 157
Format: ebook
Source: Gifted
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Wicked Passion by Amanda J. Green is the third book in the Under Real Assassin series. Having read the previous books in the series, I was eager to read this installment. The books in the series can be read on their own as they feature a different couple.

Like the previous books in the series, Wicked Passion lived up to its name. Short, passionate, magical, entertaining, addictive, and fast-paced. This book lacked for nothing. It had everything I had hoped for I should warn you though there were a few typographical errors, which I worked my way around.

Although it was not stated, I would classify this has a forbidden romance. In this world, Succubi are viewed as evil and members of the Under Realm group of Assassins are tasked with destroying them. So for a member of the group to fall in love with a Succubus was unthinkable. The interaction between this two made for some interesting moments

I found the characters fascinating and relatable. James a 500-year-old vampire has spent his entire existence as a vampire seeking revenge. Being a part of the Under Realm Assassins helped to fuel this need. It was understandable why he mistrusted his feelings for Katya.

Katya faced ostracism most of her life by her tribe, as they feared her powers. Despite her efforts to fight the darkness within her and using her powers for good, they treated her with little regard. She proved to be a smart, strong willed, feisty and a fighter despite all the terrible things thrown at her. Definitely a worthy match for a bad-ass vampire assassin.

I enjoyed the action scenes, which had me on the edge of my seat. Katya and James made a great fighting team.

The story, the world building and the characters contributed to making this an entertaining read. I thought Amanda did a good job. A great addition to the series. I am looking forward to having more stories in this series.

James Stonewoll is an Elite Assassin for the Under Realm Syndicate – an expert hunter and merciless killer. As a former Pirate, he thrives on danger, the more perilous the mission, the better and he can’t resist his newest contract: eliminate a rebel shape-shifting magic thief that stalks the border of the Under Realm kidnapping and murdering innocent Others. But never did the centuries old vampire anticipate playing hero to a mythical temptress with luscious curves, tantalizing lips, and hypnotic eyes.

Captured and held prisoner, Katya Moro was trapped in a seemingly endless loop of unimaginable agony as her magic was slowly being torn from her soul. A gasp away from death, she is rescued by a sinful kiss and awakens in the strong arms of a powerful warrior whose roguish smile, sharp fangs, and intense strength unlock the dormant Succubus instincts within her – an all-consuming madness that demands complete surrender.

Gazing down at her, James knew he had to kill her. Dark Magic Wielders, like the beautiful female he’d found, were a grave threat to human society and were not permitted to roam the mortal world. But Katya’s smoky voice and sweet kisses stir a fierce hunger inside him. She is unpredictable, uncontrollable and… wickedly seductive – his perfect kind of dangerous. To keep her safe, James will protect her from the magic thieves that hunt her and his fellow assassins until he can find a way to return Katya to her home in the Under Realm.

Will Katya’s passion be able to conquer the darkness within his soul or will James let her go?

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