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Gen Richards is tired of living down to her family’s expectation of the helpless blind girl. Resurrecting her high-school bucket list that begins with “kiss a total stranger” seems just the thing until she finds herself in a panty-melting lip lock with her big brother’s best friend. 
Chance Anderson thrives on adrenaline, but Genny’s the one risk he’s not willing to take. His recklessness a decade ago landed her in the hospital and ejected him from her life. He’s bad for her and everyone knows it—especially her big brother. 
Chance reluctantly helps Gen complete her bucket list in order to keep her out of trouble. Running through a freezing fountain, playing Spin the Bottle while fending off a mad horde of stinging insects, and skinny dipping with homicidal attack swans don’t hold a candle to the real danger: falling for the one person he can never have.
I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

This is my first time reading Marissa Clarke’s work, and it will not be my last. This book came on my radar as it is a story about friends becoming lovers. I am a huge fan of these types of stories, as such I could not pass up the chance to read and review this title.

Chance of a Lifetime is the third book in the Anderson Brothers series, and can be read as a stand-alone. It’s a story of courage, love and freedom.  In this installment, readers are given insight into Chance Anderson’s life and that of the woman he has loved his whole life.

Chance first met Gen Richards when he was eight years old, and she was five. Since that time they were inseparable.  Chance made her special while everyone else treated her as if she was helpless.  However, while in their teens an unfortunate accident occurred and Chance was banned from Gen’s life.  Her family considered him to be a bad influence. 

Gen Richards is not your typical romance heroine. She has been blind all her life. Her family treated her like a handicap. However, Chance helped her to look beyond her blindness. As a result, she was able to see that she was capable of doing anything she puts her mind to.  Gen was not aware that her parents had banned Chance from seeing her after the accident. She believed that he had abandoned her, and for years she resented him.

Ten years later Gen, after witnessing the death of her co-worker via a freak accident, decided she was tired of playing it safe.  As a result, she decided to resurrect her high school bucket list. Little did she know that her decision to complete the items on her bucket list would lead to Chance re-entering her life. 

It was a pleasure meeting the characters. Gen was amazing.  Initially, she sacrificed her freedom to please her family, but the she realises that she was not living. I loved how she stood up to them and in the process gained her freedom to live her life as she sees fit.  She is the epitome of strength, self-reliance and courage.

Chance is such a sweetheart. His feelings for Gen are genuine. He loved her so much, that he was willing to stay out of her life if it meant that she would finally stand up for herself. He knew that for them to be together she had to be willing to fight for her freedom.

The romance was entertaining, sweet and delightful. Gen and Chance brought out the best in each other.  I thought they made a perfect fit. I loved the way they interacted with each other. The story was well written. I was pulled in from the moment I began reading.  I liked that the misunderstanding of ten years ago, that led to them to being out of each other’s life, was resolved. 

Chance of a Lifetime was a satisfying read.  I will definitely be looking to read the other books in the series.  This is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.
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