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BOOK REVIEW: BLOOD INSTINCTS by MARIE LAVENDER @marielavender1 #Paranormal #Romance #Vampires

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Title:  Blood Instincts
Author:  Marie Lavender
Series: Blood At First Sight#2
PublisherSolstice Shadows Publishing
Published: May 30th 2018
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 400
Format: ebook 
Source: Author via Book Sirens in exchange for a honest review
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Blood Instincts by Marie Lavender is the second book in the Blood at First Sight series. Set in  in 2042, this installment can be read as a stand-alone. It tells the story of Oliver King and Myah Sullivan. Myah is the daughter of Alec and Desiree whom we met in book one. 
Myah is twenty-five-years old and married to her job. She works as an accountant and leads a mundane life.  She dates intermittently, but is not looking for a long-term relationship.  Orphaned at nine, her aunt and grandfather raised her in the human world and as such she believes she is human, and has no knowledge of the supernatural world. Then she meets Oliver King and she would discover things about herself that would have her questioning not only her sanity but also all the things she was led to believe.
Oliver is a 200-year-old vampire, a former hunter of rogue supernatural beings and an artist in the human world. The moment he saw Myah he recognised her as an Other, but he had no clue as to her nature nor the supernatural powers she held. To learn more about her, he followed her every move. 
He found himself inexplicably drawn to her, to where she consistently invaded his thoughts.

The story did not go as I had expected. The prologue hinted at danger and so I expected there would be action and suspense. This was not the case. I must admit I was disappointed with the turn of events, but I still found it to be an interesting story.
The story revolved around Oliver helping Myah come to terms with her newfound discovery. Her struggles with accepting that supernatural beings exist and the fact she was half-human jumped off the pages, which made her a relatable character. I loved how she grew to embrace her true nature and in the process accept her destiny.
Oliver’s attraction to Myah may have been instantaneous, but he refused to push her into a relationship, until she accepted the truth about her identity and her role in the supernatural world. Myah’s feelings developed at a slower pace. It took her sometime to accept Oliver and to acknowledge how she felt. The love scenes left nothing to the imagination. 
A well-paced story despite there being moments where it dragged, which made reading a bit tedious. In spite of this, I found the story well written, entertaining and refreshing.
Throughout the story, there were hints of danger. By the end of the story, it became evident that danger was brewing, indicating there are plans for the series to continue.
Overall, I found this to be an interesting tale and I am looking forward to the next book.

Enter the Other World at your own risk…

What if you found out that you weren’t exactly…human?

Myah Sullivan is suddenly living that nightmare. There are Others in the world, dangerous, supernatural creatures that make her mind spin and cause her to question the reality she’s always known.

Oliver King is her savior, a vampire who tries to show her the way. Through her journey she learns far more than she ever thought she would about herself, and about the past. Soon, she discovers that there is so much more to meeting Oliver than mere happenstance.

Can Myah accept her new reality, or will she retreat into that normal, safe world she once thought was her own?

Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading