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??Review: The Marriage He Demands by Brenda Jackson

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Nadene @ Totally Addicted to Reading in Reviews / 22 Comments

As a long-time fan of Brenda Jackson, I jumped at the chance to read and review The Marriage He Demands,  the second book in the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaw Series.   The author delivered an angst free and fun marriage of convenience story.

Cash and Brianna’s paths crossed when Cash went to the reading of his mother’s will. Now Cash never had a relationship with his mother, so one can imagine his surprise to learn he was her main beneficiary. He had no interest in keeping the property he inherited, but meeting Brianna had him reconsidering his original stance. (Brianna was also a beneficiary in the will.) Then his relatives convinced him he should keep the property, but to make it a success he needed to buy Brianna’s portion of the inheritance. He made the offer to Brianna, who agreed to give him the property at no financial cost but on one condition. He gives her his sperm. The events became more interesting when Cash made a counter-offer. To find out how interesting you need to read it for yourself.

A quick and easy read, which I read in one sitting.  I enjoyed the interactions between Cash and Brian, passionate, sweet and fun. Brianna gave upon on love, but Cash rekindled her faith. These two were awesome together, and I had fun getting to know them. Meeting Cash’s brothers proved entertaining. I am not a fan of his father, who was revealed as controlling and manipulative individual.

I enjoyed the ending. It made me happy to see Cash gain closure regarding his mother. Such a pity it took her dying and he being her beneficiary for him to learn the truth.

A note of warning to readers who dislike insta-love connections, The Marriage He Demands has it in spades so you many want to avoid this one, but if you have no problems with it, then I recommend you add to your reading pile.

Overall, a satisfying read. I am looking forward to continue the series.

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