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Title: Built to Last
Genres: Romantic Suspense 
Published: June 26, 2018
Pages: 384
Format: eARC 
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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Built to Last by Julie Ann Walker is the final book in the Black Knights Inc series. I found it exciting and emotional and a fitting conclusion to the series.  The men of Black Knight first came on my radar when I read Fuel for Fire. However, of all the men highlighted the one who piqued my interest was Angel aka the Prince of Shadows. From the moment he was introduced I wanted know his story. I had so many questions regarding his past. A former Mossad agent. Angel is a man of mystery who sported many identities and one whose name instilled fear in the hearts of many. This installment provided me with all I need to know and more.
In the last two books, I watched as the team tries to capture Spider, a criminal mastermind who has proven to be a thorn. They got their chance when Angel infiltrated his organisation and commenced working for him.  While there, he came face to face with the woman who owned his heart.
Sonya Butler an Interpol agent and Spider’s current victim of blackmail.  It would appear he had incriminating evidence, which could land her in prison for the rest of her life.  As such, she was forced to work for him to avoid a prison sentence.  Angel believed her to be a traitor, but he would soon learn that not everything should be taken at face value.
The interaction between Angel and Sonya made for interesting reading. Sonya had no idea that Angel was the same man who she fell in love with ten years ago and who she thought was dead. Although she was still mourning the loss of her lover, she found herself drawn to Angel like a moth to flame. There is something about Angel that reminded her of the love she lost.  Keeping up the facade proved tricky for Angel as he would find himself reverting to habits with which Sonya was familiar. I waited with bated breath for the moment she would figure out Angel’s identity.
I understood why he needed to keep his identity secret all these years. 
However, I could not accept his decision to keep it from Sonya indefinitely. His actions reeked of cowardice and selfishness. This installment showed that behind the tough and fearless facade lay a man who struggled with real human emotions.
Spider made my skin crawl. He is the personification of evil and a misogynist to the bone. The reason for his vendetta with the Black Knights came to light. Elusive and arrogant, but self-importance would prove to be his downfall.
The story which began on an interesting note, moved between the past and the present.  Angel’s past came to light, and we gained insight into how he became to be the person he is today.  I got a first-hand look into how Angel and Sonya’s’ developed ten years ago. This enabled me to understand their current emotional state.  Watching them trying to navigate the secrets, pain of the past, and present took me on an emotional journey I never expected.
Besides the main romance, built on the love story between two members of the BKI that had been brewing from the previous installment.  This romance, although not one I would normally read, was sweet and strangely, it put a smile on my face. 
Intense and exciting action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat whenever they occurred. I found myself re-reading these scenes, as I could not get enough of them. 
Conclusion and Recommendation
Built to Last offers a second chance romance sprinkled with action and suspense, which kept me engaged from start to finish.  It is a story about love, forgiveness and second chances. Perfect for fans of romantic suspense. 

In the epic conclusion to the BKI series, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker delivers her biggest bombshell yet!

Welcome to Black Knights Inc.What appears to be a tricked-out motorcycle shop on the North Side of Chicago is actually headquarters for the world’s most elite covert operatives. Deadly, dangerous, and determined, they’ll steal your breath and your heart.

After a mission-gone-sideways forces Jamin “Angel” Agassi to change his identity, he’s determined to bring down the world’s worst crime syndicate kingpin once and for all. That’s going to be the easy part.
 Keeping Interpol agent Sonya Butler from discovering who he really is—and blazing another trail into his heart—is the challenge.
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